ianofitz Registered User


i was looking at this course for after i complete a media degree which i intend to start in 2013. anyone here doing it? any good?

Clareh123 Registered User

Do you mean the degree in media production management? The way that works is you do a 2 year HND in a niche subject like radio, print, TV etc, then you do 1 extra year to get your MPM degree. I'm coming to the end of it now and would deffo recommend it. You can also do your HND in another college and come to Ballyer for the degree year.

ianofitz Registered User

well what i was planning on doing was doing a degree in media, the going to ballyfermot to do the one year course

Clareh123 Registered User

That doesn't make any sense, you'd have 2 media degrees. Save a load of time, effort and money, just do a HND in whatever discipline of media you're most interested in and then the extra year to get your degree. I started (and dropped out of) the media degree in Maynooth, I had a much better experience at Ballyfermot.

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