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I've been a daily visitor to the RTE News website pretty much since it started.

In recent times I've noticed a dramatic increase in problems with it.

Firstly, and this morning is the latest incidence, there are regular 404 errors (page not found) when I click on a headline. Todays example, "Pensioner dies following Derry burglary" added at 10:07 still cannot access it 45 minutes later.

My second problem is careless updates where paragraphs are repeated, as in pasted twice, or a subsequent update does not remove the previous entry, just appends to it.

I know RTE like all other semi-states is under a lot of financial pressure. Is this the result? Or has it always been this bad and I just never noticed?


Sloppy editing is pretty much ongoing in my experience - they even managed to get the Russian intervention in Georgia (2008) mixed up with Georgia state in the USA.

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Ben D Bus said:
I've been a daily visitor to the RTE News website pretty much since it started.

When did it start up?

I've been a daily visitor to the website for about 3 years. Since I don't buy newspapers or watch TV very often, I have to get my Irish news from somewhere. It has gotten better recently - I remember when it wasn't updated until 9am the following morning and it had very bare reporting at weekends. That's civil servants for you

These days it is updated at around 6am and weekend coverage is almost as good as weekdays, although there is less news to report obviously. I enjoy the "comments" section they have added to news articles, but I've noticed they disable comments on certain articles with no reason given. The cynic in me thinks they don't want the public to voice their criticism of the government sometimes.

Overall it's good, although nowhere near as good as the BBC. But then again they don't have the funding of their British counterparts. I'd like to see RTE scrap some of their radio stations (2fm maybe? Young people haven't listened to the radio for music since the early 90s) and channel the funding to their website instead.

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