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I'm only 5'10" and if I didn't have an aisle seat it the last time I was there it would have been unbearable

Fi H Registered User

Yup definitely off track and not sure I am any wiser but it does make me happy to be short

Decuc500 Registered User

Regardless of leg room, row B in the stalls gives a fantastic view. You'll see over the head in front of you and it isn't too near/under the stage.

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languagenerd Registered User

Pappa Dolla said:
That's so people don't get crushed at the front. Something that came in after that girl died at the Smashing Pumpkins gig iirc

They don't have that in other (bigger) venues though! I don't mind them so much when I get to stand against them, but then you get tons of idiots pushing through only to realise there's a barrier there who then decide to stand in front of you or climb over the barrier, kicking you in the face in the process (this has happened, I'm not exaggerating!)

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Delta2113 Registered User

In the stalls can you get out at both ends - I've got seat 1 and 2 somewhere between A- F and wondering am I pinned up against the wall?


@Delta2113 - yeah I'm pretty sure you can get out at both ends.

When I was at the Franz Ferdinand gig a month or so back, everyone in the balcony seats just stood up. I'd only had a reserved ticket before that, so I thought maybe that's always what happened in the unreserved balcony seats.

Sitting in the Olympia kinda ruins a gig tbh. I'm not tall and my legs are still always jammed into the seat in front.

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Delta2113 Registered User

Thanks Seren - might have that extra pint then before the Gig - Neil Finn Gig tomorrow if anyone is curious.

horseburger Registered User

Delta2113 said:
Thanks Seren - might have that extra pint then before the Gig - Neil Finn Gig tomorrow if anyone is curious.

there is a gap of a few feet at both sides of the seating area in the Olympia, in between the edge seats and the walls.

It means that people can enter and leave the venue from both sides of the venue and there are doors out to the foyer -merchandise area at both sides.

Facing the stage, the left hand door leads to the area to collect any items from the cloakroom, while if there is a signing taking place (sometimes bands will sign cds at the merch booth after gigs) at the merchandise stall, they usually start the queue along the wall after the corridor from the exit door located at the right hand side, facing the stage

there are photos on the venue's website, of the seating plan


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Irishshin Registered User

Hate the Olympia so much because of the seating.

Row G in stalls is the best. There is a huge gap in front of you to let people get into the middle aisle to their seats. Pretty annoying when people get up during the gig but at least your legs are fine at the end. I did have to call TM to get those seats the day they went on sale though. And i will be doing the same for future Olympia gigs!

Next gig I am going to is Richie Sambora and it will be standing. Its the first standing show at the Olympia I've been at so will be interesting.

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