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Question to the Ladies of the Lounge, Do you embrace your natural skin colour?

I am apart of the 26% of the Irish population with Type 1 skin. This means that I have no melanin in my skin so my skin doesn't tan. Over my lifetime I have really struggled with my skintone, opting more often than not to slather it in fake tan to hide my natural paleness.

The few times I have ventured out on nights out or day trips sans St Tropez the amount of comments I get about my skin colour is unreal. People have commented that I look sick,ghostly and in need of a good holiday, this is despite the fact that quarter of the population have the same skin tone as me. On a recent night out, while wearing a short skirt one guy commented how my legs were in serious need of a tan! Has any other pale ladies noticed how people can be quite rude when it comes to commenting on your skin colour?

I really admire Nicola Roberts for ditching the fake tan.Its nice to see one truly pale skinned gal in the public eye

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Well I never taned until after I had my first child at 19, the older I get the browner my skin goes. I'm blond and was so pale as a child, my hair was white till I was 12. I would never use fake tan. I have English and Italian blood line.

Its good to see people milky white instead of orange or have horrible fake tan lines around their knees hands and ankles.

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I was obsessed with fake tan as a teenager but ditched it and am happily spending my 20's as a pale lily My boyfriend who has been with me for 9 years and seen me every shade loves me as my natural colour and thinks fake tan isn't necessary at all and was always trying to convince me to celebrate my lovely paleness!

I now love trying to look as porcelain as possible and always wear an SPF 50!

My dad often thinks I'm sickly cause I'm pale but I don't care I love it!

Honestly think pale skin is gorgeous on girls!

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Natural skin all the way here - I'm very pale. I think fake tan looks terrible the vast majority of the time, I've seen so many girls with streaks or overly tanned hands that look dirty, or worse again the ones who forget to do their hands or feet. I can't say I've gotten too many rude comments though, mostly because if I'm ever wearing a dress that shows off my legs I'll wear tights.

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I do not tan, I would love to be pale like above but no I am pink and I freckle, I werk it though.

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I'm so pale i'm almost see through lol!

I have never worn fake tan. I have experimented once or twice on my legs but then ended up wearing tights because i looked so ridiculous, not orange or anything, i just look ridiculous tanned.

I have had lots of people comment on my pale skin being horrible etc etc but i'd rather be pale and healthy than orange or over expose my skin to harmful rays.

There are very few people who can do fake tan in a way that looks natural and attractive. Even if someone manages to get the tone right they usually make the mistake of liberally applying tan to parts of their bodies that wouldn't tan naturally leaving it looking unnatural.

The smell, the stain it leaves on clothes and bed clothes and the way it looks when it is wearing off make it even more unappealing.

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Maybe people are commenting cos they're so used to seeing you with fake tan so it seems such a change? They'd get used to it I'm sure. Bit cheeky to say, but some people are tactless.

I personally go for natural skin colour all the time, but it's extremely rare that I would wear a mini or shorts with bare legs, I usually wear tights, or with knee length skirts I go bare legged. Everyone's used to my pale colouring and no one comments.


I never go out (as in on a night out) without tan. Can't imagine I ever will either. I have a friend who has that gorgeous pale skin like Nicola Roberts and she's just stunning, but I don't look like that, I'm blue and pink and everything in between. I'm fairly good at doing my tan though, I have gotten it wrong of course, but it's a rare enough occurence thank god.

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evilmonkee Registered User

I'm pale and DAMN PROUD!

I've never had any bad or rude comments about it, however, I think it can be a lot about how you take the comments. (although being told I need a tan wouldn't go down well!)

I've had an albino woman ask me where I buy my foundation.
I've also been told that you'd know I was Irish, or that I look like porcelain.

I don't feel that these are bad comments, I've had lots of problems in finding pale foundation myself. I am Irish and I think porcelain skin is beautiful.

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evilmonkee said:
I am Irish and I think porcelain skin is beautiful.

Definitely, that would be a huge compliment I would think.

Dolbert Closed Account

I never wear it and love being pale The only negative comments I've gotten are when some women find out I'm not wearing tan for my wedding. Why the fcuk would I if I never, ever wear it at any other time

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Dolorous said:
I never wear it and love being pale The only negative comments I've gotten are when some women find out I'm not wearing tan for my wedding. Why the fcuk would I if I never, ever wear it at any other time

My friend (different one to the one above) got married six weeks ago and her bridesmaids gave her a really hard time for not getting tanned. She had to actually go and and get a spray tan done just to prove how ridiculous she would look. I don't get that at all.

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My mam's friend who's Irish but living in Australia came over recently and told me they couldn't believe how much makeup and tan some of the girls trowel on over here, said over there everyone goes for a much more natural look, now I know they have the sun over there too but I think the trend over here is for a very full on look lately, where you can see the makeup and tan a mile away!

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panda100 said:
I really admire Nicola Roberts for ditching the fake tan.Its nice to see one truly pale skinned gal in the public eye

She definitely looks a lot better now that she has ditched the fake tan!

I am not quite as pale as that - I will pick up some colour, but it's not brown. The closest I've ever got to fake tan is using a bit of sunshimmer to even out tan lines, but that washes off, I wouldn't have a clue how to apply something like St Tropez and I'd be paranoid about getting it wrong! I also hate the smell of it.

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I'm seriously pale too. Blonde hair/blue eyes/white skin...everything is pale! Which is mad because both my parents are always really tanned. And have dark hair. My Dad's family actually have north African blood in there somewhere. Loads of my first cousins are ridiculously sallow. No one ever believes we are related! I mean how did these produce this/this in fairness! I look albino!

Although I do get a *little* bit tanned in the sun. We lived in France when I was younger and in all the summer photos from there I had a tan. But nothing major. Always wear sun-cream anyway so never get burned. I guess I wouldn't be the palest, though. A few of my friends are a lot paler than me. They just wear tan all the time so you wouldn't really notice it.

Very, very rarely wear fake tan. Maybe 2 or 3 times a year. And only a really light one.

Irish girls wear way too much fake tan/dark make-up. Sorry, but it looks fucking stupid. But each to their own I guess. Not my time and money (and naturally lovely pale skin!) that I'm wasting.

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