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Where is the op gone, maybe the aliens came back


ninjamonkey.. i believe the 'charged wing effect' you describe is what's known as the coanda effect: wiki .. *edit - actually i think i might be getting mixed up with something else here, but after a bit of research it seems the B2 certainly does utilise the coanda effect regardless. cant find what i was looking for but these theories/experiments are interesting nonetheless : http://pop.aip.org/resource/1/phpaen/v10/i5/p2117_s1?isAuthorized=no / http://www.crossfirefusion.com/spacedrive-electric-propulsion/electrodynamic-space-thruster.html / http://jnaudin.free.fr/html/repulsin.htm

the actual condensation cloud around the B2 in that image is referred to as the Prandtl–Glauert singularity. i'm not an aerodynamic engineer or anything but i doubt the shape of the cloud has much to do with any kind of special unknown technology. its probably more to do with surrounding air temperatures and the kind of vortex the aerodynamics of the B2 itself creates as it passes through the air.

also worth noting is the ongoing scientific research into 'cloaking technology'.. a characteristic observed by witnesses of ufos the world over now being being replicated in the laboratory.. albeit on a minute scale in comparison.


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Good Sir - I salute your research , you are a rare beast here in boards. There are a couple of pictures of the "condensation cloud" you refer to. And I understand why almost 100% of people think this is what is happening. - however. I would ask you to look at one thing. - The "Direction" of the cloud. For just about ALL of the pictures, you will find of the Prandtl–Glauert singularity, you will see the cloud , ( which by the way you are 100% correct on, is due to the air vortex when approaching the speed of sound) is a conical extrusion from the thinnest point, near the front of the aircraft ,to the rear, growing in diameter in the opposite direction of travel of the aircraft. ( as the aircraft pushed forward, and the air compresses)

There are however 2 discrepancies, or anomalies with the "cloud" surrounding the B2. 1 - The cloud does not "grow" opposite to the direction of travel. in fact the thinnest point is behind the engines, with the cone extruding, towards the front of the aircraft. The effect itself, is not a "white conical cloud of water vapour" , but an almost green "cloud" surrounding the airframe.

however, hopefully curiosity is piqued enough to go take a look

kind regards,


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I have had a similar experience myself. I woke up, on my back which was unusual. And like you, my body was completely paralyzed. I could open my eyes and that was it.
I was in my bedroom, on my back. All I could focus on was a figure in the room with me, closer towards my closet.
I tried very hard to move but couldn't. Heavy pressure on my chest.
The figure did nothing. Just stood there
My alarm clock went off, and I could move.
I had been trying so hard to move the whole time, the moment that I could I flew out of the bed.
Could be alien experience, However, after my own research I believe what happened was I somehow awoke during REM(rapid eye movement) sleep. This caused hallucinations, as REM is the most active state of dreaming. Your mind is wide awake, while your body is fast asleep.
When practiced Lucid Dreaming can be amazing and can eventually lead up to Astral Traveling.

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