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Dempsey said:
Hasnt happened this week (GW total) or do you mean the overall score?

yeah it has, happened guys in my league anyway, one of them meade a transfer for -4, got 105 points for the week but his total has only gone up by 101

massdebater Registered User

BOOM! Finished the week on 139. Clinched the highest gameweek score of the season so unless something mental happens in the last 2 gameweeks, that'll be another €50, yay!

Think that's my highest score ever. I got 132 the week Rooney (c) got 64 a few seasons ago (and somehow went down in all my leagues ). Jumped from 91st in the boards league to 39th after hovering around the 300th mark most of the season.

For all my smugness after the weekends games, turns out Jelavic was the wrong captain choice this week with VdV, Cisse, Peinaar, Ade, Torres, Suarez, Mata, Walker all outscoring him. Even Moses, Jarvis and K Davis outscored him!

Got through to the semi finals of my paid cup competition so guaranteed €25 for that (€50 for second place, €100 for the overall winner). Fixtures aren't out for the semis yet but two of my potential opponents have Rooney (without RVP) and one has RVP (with no Rooney). Not going to bother with Rooney this week and keep my free transfer for next week where I'll be getting in Moses and Aguero.

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Bonus are out for Tuesday. Dempsey got 1 and Pienear got 2. Not sure of rest at moment.

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FutureGuy said:
Bonus are out for Tuesday. Dempsey got 1 and Pienear got 2. Not sure of rest at moment.

These came out yesterday

FutureGuy Moderator

thunderdog said:
These came out yesterday

Ah thanks, just say my score had gone up by 3!

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