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I know someone who needs to get from the station to the hosp next week with a mobility scooter and doesn't know Galway. He's sick too so he needs transport. Is there any taxi service that would be able to accommodate this?
Any help greatly appreciated.

steph1 Registered User

Your best bet would be to ring one of the taxi companies in Galway and ask for an 8 seater or wheelchair taxi so the scooter can go in the middle of the back of the taxi. You should have no problem finding one.

biko Arbiter

The following says they have wheelchair taxis on their homepages

The peeps in Accessibility forum should know who's best.

Lon Dubh Registered User

There is at least one taxi with an electric lift with this company http://www.galwaytaxis.com/ Phone: 091- 561111. I spoke to him before and he said he could bring a mobility scooter on the taxi, but to ask for the taxi with the lift.

If it is a 3-wheeler scooter some of the ramps leading into some of the taxi's might not be totally suitable (if the ramps that are just a one big piece they are probaby ok, but the ones which are 2 sections (one for each side of a 4-wheeled wheelchair/scooter are not really suitable).

Another option might be the Galway Centrey for Independent Living. They have big vans with electric lifs, but you would need to book a bit in advance, 091- 773910.

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