the_big_shmoke Registered User

you know how it is? in the hazy 1st few months of having a facebook account, the desire the gets one's number of friends up to a respectable amount means whether or not you actually even know the people you're adding becomes an afterthought.

however it eventually becomes too much as your news feed is clogged up by the downright ridiculous status updates, links and photos from people you've never once talked to.

the sollution to this problem: unfriend.
below is a list of possible criteria for an unfriend. if a facebook friend of yours shows one or more of the folliwing facebook behavioural tendencies, serious consideration should be put in unfriending.

1. posts a status "lik 4 da wan who!!:-D" UNFRIEND

2. uploads picture of themselves using a blackberry facing a mirror while scrunching their mouth to one side complimented by a another stupid gesture with their other hand e.g. index finger pointing to mouth. UNFRIEND

3.the bandwagonjumperoner. - the person who quite simply jumps on bandwagons. UNFRIEND

4. the person who posts constant status's about the most insignificant things they get up during the day. E.g. "eating pizza at_____ with _______ and 5 others" UNFRIEND

anymore suggestions for this list?


Like if you're against cancer <3


callaway92 Registered User

Person to unfriend's status:

" "


"What's wrong babes"?


"Nothing, talk about it in chat, xxxxxx"


paulbok Registered User

"It's National Day for People with 2 arms. Please repost if you love someone with 2 arms".


LaughingJoker91 Registered User

Anyone who says something like "Who better looking A or B" then posts a photo of the two people.

Or anyone who has more than 2 status updates in an hour, ffs, I don't care how your day is going!

In all fairness, most people under the age of 16 should automatically just be removed from facebook! They should have all just stayed on bebo.

batistuta9 Registered User

but all of the above types of people don't get unfriended if their goodlooking (except for under 16's)

guitarzero Registered User

....and then you just stopped giving a boll*x and being high and mighty and slashed your own thread.

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