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Friday May 4, heats 1-8

Heat 1

1 Holy Ground

2 Taylors Cruise

3 Mill Maximus

4 Coolavanny Bert

5 Caribbean Gem

6 Rockview Head (m)

Heat 2

1 Farloe Iceman

2 Dixies Air

3 Bridge Bandit

4 Razldazl Rioga

5 Mags Gamble (m)

6 Farloe Mysterio (w)

Heat 3

1 Lenson Ginger

2 Droopys Trump (m)

3 Newtown Skiptipp (m)

4 Ruthless Man (m)

5 Shelbourne Geoff (w)

6 Lughill Paulo (w)

Heat 4

1 Vacant - eden star nr

2 Taylors Sky

3 Mill Pegasus

4 Westmead Adonis

5 Farloe Luigi (w)

6 French Blue (w)

Heat 5

1 vacant

2 Bucks Blade

3 Tyrur Justin (m)

4 Stellars Blue (w)

5 Boher Chieftain (w)

6 Droopys Lorenzo (w)

Heat 6

1 Ballymac Cryan

2 Longwood Days

3 You Mind Me (m)

4 Go Go Sonic (w)

5 Pittsburgh Glory (w)

6 Freds Champ (w)

Heat 7

1 Farloe Ironman

2 Daddys Knows Best

3 Tinas Nova

4 Goa Getta

5 Lenson Mac

6 Bit View Micko (w)

Heat 8

1 Tynwald Bolt

2 Jazz Apollo

3 Hey Gringo

4 Brinkleys Flyer

5 Razldazl Bugatti

6 Castlebride Dan (m)

Saturday May 5 Derby second round draw
Heats 9-16

Heat 9

1 Doonane Lad

2 Shelbourne Abi (m)

3 Big Step (m)

4 Share The Spoils (w)

5 Skywalker Gold (w)

6 Deanridge Viking (w)

Heat 10

1 Longwood Hawk

2 Bombolini

3 Mark My Words

4 Trewmount Snap (m)

5 Leos Options (w)

6 Romeo Patriot (w)

Heat 11

1 Romeo Recruit

2 Young Sid

3 Kirkland Black

4 Judicial Ruling (m)

5 Cloheena Cash (w)

6 Fernhill Fury (w)

Heat 12

1 Droopys Loner

2 Longrange Ivor

3 Fawkham Rocky

4 Graigues Orchard

5 Diesel Malc

6 Bowtime Sykes (w)

Heat 13

1 Holycross Prince

2 Droopys Jet

3 Westmead Shaw

4 Burst of Magic (m)

5 Razldazl Jayfkay (w)

6 Baigou Phantom (w)

Heat 14

1 Westmead Maldini

2 Barefoot Allstar

3 Droopys Bach

4 Droopys Vito (m)

5 Malbay Phanter (w)

6 Hernandez (w)

Heat 15

1 Boher Paddy

2 King Jaffa

3 Whatsupjack

4 Silverview Perky (m)

5 Blonde Snapper (m)

6 Kingsmill Lotus (w)

Heat 16

1 Hather George

2 Mill Bling Bling

3 Brae Boy

4 Blue Artisan

5 Jaytee Pedro (m)

6 Bubbly Phoenix (w)

rosskeen Registered User

I see Eden Star has been withdrawn injured from the Derby. While I didn't fancy him to win it, it certainly opens it up a little for everyone else.

Think Young Sid might be a decent bet at this stage. Still 25/1, might be worth an each way bet. Won well at the Blue Riband in Sheffield and won his first round convincingly.

Still fancy Jayfkay to win it outright but he's too short a price to back at this stage.

Nowso Moderator

hopefully put up some videos up of the 2nd round aswell

Nowso Moderator

rosskeen Registered User

Razldazl Jayfkay is the new track record holder at Wimbledon with a scintilating 28.08 run to win his heat.

Nowso you even got a mention on RPTV for getting the video on youtube so fast. Top marks!

Nowso Moderator

Nowso Moderator

rosskeen said:
Razldazl Jayfkay is the new track record holder at Wimbledon with a scintilating 28.08 run to win his heat.

Nowso you even got a mention on RPTV for getting the video on youtube so fast. Top marks!

Great run !!!

Nowso Moderator

This video is now trending on Youtube Sports Video Section with about 2,000 views so far

Nowso Moderator

kk09 Registered User

Are the 1/4 final videos coming soon. Just realised I had the accumalator on the 4 heats tonight

Nowso Moderator

Here you go

rosskeen Registered User

Semi Final Draw

Razldazl Rioga
Coolavanny Bert
Farloe Ironman
Judicial Ruling
Bubbly Phoenix
Razldazl Jayfkay

Taylor Sky
Westmead Adonis
Razldazl Bugatti
Droopys Jet
Droopys Loner
Blonde Snapper

Anyone care to name their final 6?

From the first 6 I'd have to take Razldazl Jayfkay, Rioga and Bert. I was reading rumours earlier that Judicial Ruling might be out which would be a shame. Hasn't been the same dog in his last couple of runs. One to keep an eye on later in the summer. As for Phoenix, I'd have concerns about how he handles Saturday nights run. Youngest dog left in the competition. The extra work he had to do last night might just catch up with him. Rioga's guts impressed me a lot last night. Especially to get back and passed Bugatti. I've backed Jayfkay anti post, I'm not going to give up on him now. Just which I'd a little bit more on.

Taylor Sky's well fancied for the second heat but I'm not convinced he's back to his best. He'll qualify but I can't see him winning. Droopys Jet was very impressive and he's been getting better as the competition has gone on. I'm not sure whether being lightly raced is an advantage or a disadvantage. 4 seemed to suit him last night and could do it again. I was a little disappointed with Bugatti last night. Trapped well but seemed to tire. Adonis might be a 'dark horse' as it were. Doesn't do enough to win but stays on very well. To put my neck on the line I'd say Jet, Sky and Bugatti in that order.

cunninstunt Registered User

Was also really impressed with rioga on Tuesday night, on him each way at 25s ante post so just need him to get through one more round. Think the first semi will be a straight shoot out between himself Bert and Jayfkay, cant see past jayfkay to be honest but think rioga will push him with bert close in third.

Taylors Sky for me is improving, certainly isn't where he was this time last year, his trapping is letting him down a bit, I'd fancy bugatti to lead himself and jet up, depends then on whether Tuesday night was just a slip from bugatti or whether he is starting to fall off. Think they will finish Bugatti, sky, jet.

Here's my draw for the final then

Taylors Sky
Razldazl Rioga
Coolavanny Bert
Razldazl Bugatti
Droopys Jet
Razldazl Jayfkay

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