ITT: a load of geeks try to show off their e-peen to defend their favourite browser

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Chad ghostal Registered User

IE will remain king until Windows dies a death. It is the internet for a huge number of people. The same kind of people who google 'facebook' to get to their facebook page

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mconigol Registered User

admiralofthefleet said:
/googles internet explorer on firefox

As one of the biggest tech companies on the planet Microsoft or Internet Explorer are going nowhere, of course it can bounce back

biko Arbiter

CongressTart said:
I see an ad there for a relaunch of Internet Explorer. Do you think it will be able to catch up with Chrome and Firefox, or is it doomed forever?

IE is still the most used browser according to stats provided by posters in this thread.
Where do you get your info from?

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biko Arbiter

randomname2005 said:
Most sites in Korea only work with IE and <a lot of >Active X plug-ins, making IE the biggest browser used here by far.

Also most used browser in China still.

Eric Cartman Registered User

Internet explorer is the workds greatest browser....for downloading other browsers

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charlietheminxx Registered User

Ah I'm happy enough with IE. I used Mozilla for a long time but I never found it significantly better....


Explorer 8 is as good as Firefox and chrome, but I just tried to download explorer 9 and I was given a fkucyou your version of windows does not support it,, my comp is only 3 months old.

Typical typical MS.

Dravokivich Registered User

DitzyPoo92 said:
The only reason why Internet Explorer is the most popular is because it's the internet browser that comes with all Microsoft PCs/laptops and most people are either too lazy to download a better browser or are totally clueless about computers.

Eh... same can be said for Safari on Macs...

Anyhow, in my opinion all browsers I've used are shíte. Only use Firefox because it's not as shíte as the others.

lucylu Registered User

In October 2011 IE dropped below 50% in the Marketshare of Combined Internet Browsers


NiallFH Registered User

I use whichever browser is the best, wouldnt be a fanboy as such, so if its better I would go back.

Been using Firefox for a long time now, Don't really like Chrome, Java applets used to crash a lot on it, not sure if thats fixed


I guess it's like someone with a basic phone. Some people just want to make calls and text. They don't need or want a Smart Phone crammed with apps.

IE is like the basic phone. Just good for checking web mail and checking the newsites.

kippy Registered User

It's still the number one browser in corporate land.

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yeppydeppy Registered User

I moved to win 7 I found chrome freezing and crashing and I moved to IE9 - it's much more stable.
I don't understand people saying chrome or firefox is so much better, is it like a fashion thing? Is it cool to hate IE?

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