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What could that be? Poor soil, lack of nutrients? I have three plants in the greenhouse and they all show these distress signals:

I have another three plants in the house and their leaves edges also yellowing and curling. All plants are in 9cm pots, watered everyday.
With this weather I'm very reluctant to replant them into their permanent position in the greenhouse but if it's something to do with soil I might just do it

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its prob a lime deficiency cuppled with a molybdenum. when you add lime Mo becomes more available in soil

j@utis Registered User

where can I get this lime stuff? do they sell it in say Woodies or similar places?

redser7 Moderator

I'd say it's a combination of over-watering and the cold. It's too early to have them out, even under cover, they are very sensitive. For the ones indoors, could be over-watering, I would imagine every day is too much. How much are you gving them and are you watering from the top or the bottom? They are very suceptible to root and stem rot so the advice is to keep them on the dry side of damp. So water a little at a time. I always water plants in pots from the bottom by placing them in a tray with half an inch of water in it. Leave them for a minute max to soak some up and then let them drain. I would only do this every 3 or 4 days. But be vigilant and if they seem to droop then give them more, it all depends on the size of the plants. I think those pots are pretty small too. Tap one out and see if it is root bound. If it is then pot it on into a larger size. I won't be planting out or putting them out at all during the day until temps have picked up a good bit.
So maybe pot them up and let them dry a bit. Then a half strength liquid feed to perk them up.

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even with the yellowing of the leaves they still look a lot better than my cucumbers

redser7 Moderator

Indeed, they are flying! When did you sow the seeds?

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My cucumbers havent even sprouted yet! Bit too cold for them at the moment and I would say you definitely need a bigger pot. All the nutrients in the compost are well gone judging by the size of the plant.

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Thanks all for your replies.
When did I sow them? er, I wished I kept that record. I think it was the last week of february or the first week of march. It's my first year of gardening and I only started my gardening diary last Saturday

I agree on that pots are too small for them. They would have been planted in greenhouse already if weather permitted. Two weeks ago I placed 3 plants into greenhouse just to see if how they would coupe with it. Another 3 left in the house are the 'main crop' and also the insurance if the ones in the greenhouse fail.
So, the plan of action is: greenhouse plants going into the soil today. Indoor plants have to wait till tomorrow until I get some bigger pots!

This is the best of indoors specimens:

I also will keep an eye for this lime stuff. AFAIR the leaves' edges were yellowing since the very beginning. So it might be the soil issue too.

redser7 Moderator

Get yourself some fleece if you dont have some already and warp them up at night, that will help a lot. 2 flowers I see, great


Nice plants, cucumbers are hungry plants so the old trick was to plant them in troughs of farm yard manure which would also generate some heat as it rots. Make sure you have decent support for the plant and train like tomatoes around a string.

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