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Sure, it's probably a bit confusing. Candi (a longtime member) left a comment in the Lush post objecting to the tone of the post and expressed dismay at the direction the blog was going in. Another poster was obviously following the writer on twitter and objected to her and her friends having a bitch about the comments being left (example above). The poster queried why the writer was not addressing the comments on the thread instead of belittling people on twitter. Beaut.ie withdrew the post the next day blaming trolls spamming the post but a lot of people are suspicious that it was withdrawn as it really made them look bad. Normally, they just close the comments if they're not happy with them and it's unusual to withdraw the entire post.

That's a horrible thing to do, it really shows how unprofessional some of the younger writers are. I find that a lot of posts are full of ridiculous similes now and no actual good writing about the topic/product at hand.


Guys I'm closing this thread now as it has gone way off topic.

Fashion and Appearance would be a better place to discuss beauty websites in general.


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