Projectx Registered User

I need to do the following with one room. ( four straight window one door )

Size : 12'x12'

Batton and fix on 50mm plasterboard and then skim Two walls.

Plasterboard 12.5mm and then skim Two walls.

Plasterboard 12.5mm ceiling and skim.

What would the job cost in total Ie materials and labour.


Johny 8 Registered User

1200 euro would be fair.

650gs Registered User

6x50mm boards @ 25 euro = 150 euro
11x12.5 slabs @ 7 euro =77 euro
6 bags of skim @ 8 euro =48 euro
2 bags of bonding compound for the 50mm slabs @ 10 euro = 20 euro
labour 500 euro
Total 795 euro plus the vat

Johny 8 Registered User

6 bags of skim??
window board?

795+ vat??

Projectx Registered User

Thanks folks... This isn't looking to bad..

650gs Registered User

3 slabs to a bag of skim
Forgot the beads 4 @ 1 euro
Window board about 10 euro
1 roll of scrim @ 2.50 euro
1 box of dry wall screws @ 5 euro
you wont need battons thats why you have the bonding compound but if you want to use them drop off the compound and get battons it will work out a little cheper

Johny 8 Registered User

how will battons be less than compound???

650gs Registered User

Well how much do you think they will cost

Projectx Registered User

Tks again for all the info.

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