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BostonB said:
On the PC the Servers are riddled with people using hacks.

Im not trying to troll or be a flame but do you play pc? personally i only play cod 4 promod and theres a tiny minority and when people notice they contact server admin and that person get a permanent ban or there online cd key terminated meaning they cant play online unless they fork out the cash.

Reality_Check1 Registered User

Iv played COD4 every evening for the last week and I can honestly say there has only been 1 hacked lobby - it also likes making me the host so I dont have to put up with the "host ended game" crap. I mostly play ground war and domination and Iv never had trouble getting a match. If people want to go a few rounds just let me know and we'll party up - this is the best COD by far imo.

Im on xbox btw

141_Oscar_Mike Moderator

Its the greatest title because of its simplicity. No deathstreaks or any of that sh1te. 3 Kill streak perfection

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141_Oscar_Mike said:
Its the greatest title because of its simplicity. No deathstreaks or any of that sh1te. 3 Kill streak perfection

I still miss it. Absolutely love BF3 but jaysus, do I miss 07-09 period of playing CoD4.

Also, you stole my former location. Thief!


141_Oscar_Mike said:
3 Kill streak perfection

and it gets fairly boring quickly...

like somebody mentioned above(months ago I might add)
with the adding of more killstreaks,perks etc it brought in a sh1t load of balancing issues....

as for the console servers been hacked now that has always been an issue on the pc,but unlike the consoles,when you play it on a pc you have the choice of which server to play it on.

dedicated servers FTW!!

Nuri Sahin Banned

It's not the fact there are hacked hobbies to contend with, it's rare enough unless you go into SnD (which I sometimes do in the hope of getting ProSim/ProMoD) or Sabotage, my two favourite game types at least in CoD4 (not enjoyed SnD really since bar the odd time playing HSnD in BOPS) . But it's the fact that I'm near always on a 2 bar connection in a Yank lobby. Thus, I rarely do bother with the game. I still do very well on 2 bar, but it can be frustrating obviously. I can't host neither due to my connection, well I can if I do the trick but what's the fun in that when there is no challenge and a fair chance the game will crash/disconnect.

As for 3-5-7 being boring? Hardly. In hindsight people can say that. But there were little to no complaints about killstreaks other than it was hard to take out a chopper with an RPG. Seemingly went over people's heads to whip out an LMG (I had an RPD class the odd time an enemy got a chopper) and take it out. 2 people in a team doing this, and on the majority of maps the chopper had no chance to rack up kills. Stressing hindsight again, I do wish there was a bigger gap between killstreaks and a couple of other killstreaks like a Counter UAV were added.


-Ade- said:

As for 3-5-7 being boring? Hardly. In hindsight people can say that.

agree with you there Ade,possibly it is hindsight,dont think people would settle for just 3 killstreaks now though.

And dont get me started on the RPD!What a beast of a gun..used it to death in CoD4 and MW2.

hope they bring it back in some future edition(along with the adding of dinosaurs!!)

Magill Registered User

The few times i've played CoD4 on console i found the killstreaks to be pretty horrible... in that there is usually more **** in the air in CoD4 than in MW2/Blops or MW3 just because of how easy it is, and how the chopper can basically get you another chopper. CoD4 was the start of the whole killstreak ****e, really poor decision to include them imo. The game would have been much better without, as it is on PC where a lot of servers have them disabled (Promod and normal). UAV's are, imo, the series biggest mistake.

Nuri Sahin Banned

I don't get this, usually more **** in the air bit. You can only have one chopper. Airstrikes were never the greatest of killstreaks. UAV is UAV, and there was no Hardling perk to boot. As I said above. An RPD by one if not two people and it's down. On a few of the maps the chopper flies down really low, and you can actually use C4 on it if not get a few RPG shots on it.

It always has to be stressed how long CoD4's peak was . All the capable players have moved onto further CoD games or are playing something else be it a FPS or have quite simply ceased gaming for whatever reason. More good players, more people taking stuff out and less likely to put together killstreaks.

CoD4 is saturated with newbies (could be read a few different ways) to the game or trickshotters nowadays. You'll get the odd few experienced players on console but it's rare to see a clan on. If anything, it's people like me just wanting to remember the good times and/or get away from the likes of that utter piece of crap that is MW3. MW3 bit doesn't apply to me obviously as playing in traffic is nearly more appealing than playing that game.

I'll agree that a game should have been purely Barebones from the off likewise the future titles. But a game like that won't sell for kids. You have to include a MOAB/nuke, an AC130, a chopper or even a UAV. I know I've said in the past but the Barebones game type in this current gen of CoD titles should award more points. When ranking up, there's no real incentive to play it I feel other than to get away from the BS briefly in normal modes. It was surreal but very fun to play Barebones in MW2 for me I do remember that.

Magill Registered User

Just from my experience of CoD4, there was almost ALWAYS a chopper in the air, and in some of the maps a constant flow of airstrikes... and a near 100% uptime of UAV. I'd imagine you haven't really experienced being on the receiving end of that an awful lot as you said you played with clan mates most of the time. MW3... i honestly thought the air support wasn't that bad, mostly because of support/specialist being the preferred strike packages.

Just think it was a horrible decision to go down that killstreak route, at least from my PoV(Maybe not from a financial one... but again.. who knows how well they'd have done if they kept it simple... considering that CoD4 is still the most played PC CoD almost entirely thanks to promod/barebone servers).


iLikeWaffles said:
Do you mean COD4 MW. Hard to find non hacked lobbies most people will be in TDM.

They should do a remastered version of it, buff the graphics! get rid of all the hackers! update the gun sounds!

whats a hacked lobby i know all the COD players are gunna give me some stick for asking but
hey thats unavoidable


I play COD4 a bit there's a lot of hackers. There's the obvious people with aim bots and wall hacks who just ruin a game and if there's no admin you just can't play on that server, they'll ruin every game. But there's lots of people with aim bot who are very subtle about how they use them, being hyper accurate and having unbelievable reactions and its not obvious unless you watch them for a bit as they try to disguise it. But they also play a bit stupid, which gives them away and killed a lot, whereas a good player will make clever kills and not get killed a lot.

I'd say 1 in 4 or 5 COD4 games I try there someone with hack. some nights it seems like its every game.


My COD 4 disk is slightly cracked and it won't play, pretty much pissed off, I use to love playing it

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