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Hello all. I have posted on the other thread where I've given up the smokes recently (2nd Jan) and after listening to a debate on the radio the other evening regarding smoking I wondered what peoples opinions on here would be.

Now that you are an non smoker are you totally disgusted by smoking? Are you an anti smoker? Do you consider banning smoking in parks etc a good idea?

Being honest while I find smoking disgusting now I'm not disgusted by it (if that makes sense). I'm against the idea of banning smoking in parks etc. I'm not one for getting onto my friends about smoking because its their choice. I'm totally against smoking on front of kids. I know of ex smokers who constantly so on about smoking and how bad it is for people. I couldn't ever see myself becoming one of them.

Any other views?

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I'm a non-smoker now 12 weeks today and to be honest the only thing I feel about all this smoking ban talk is relief. I'm relieved I don't have to worry about it anymore. I am still very fond of smoking and I would love to hate them but unfortunately I still have a slight fondness for them that makes me very nervous around smokers and in social situations.


Hi largepants,
Nearly 4 months for us both eh?

I find the smell of smoke off a person pretty horrible, but the smell of fresh smoke off a lit cigarette is still nice and fragrant to me. But it doesnt make me want to smoke myself.

Im not disgusted by it and while I dont get onto people about it at all - nothing more annoying - I do look at people and think to myself 'you should give up'.

Really what needs to happen is a change in cultural attitudes to smoking from a very young age. I think it is helping that its banned in pubs/clubs/restaurants - although a lot of them have now built purpose smoking rooms that tbh are no different from being inside the venue.

It should be drilled into kids that this is a disgusting thing, its so bad for your health, its not cool, its just smelly and horrible.

At least its not portrayed as cool now in films and tv to the same extent. Unfortunately I think there will always be young people who take it up as long as its there to be taken up.

I would be in favour of it being banned in parks etc, the more its driven to be something that can only be done in someones own home the less people will do it, even though I disagree with the idea of a nanny state.

Its mad though that something so bad for your health and so smelly and expensive is done by people at all??? I cant believe I did it for so long. I feel pretty disgusted with myself about it now.

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username123 how are you? Yea four months nearly - I told you I'd catch up.

It sinteresting that you find the smell is horrible off a person who has just smoked and a freshly lit cigarette smells lovely. I feel exactly the same.

Totally in agreement with you about drilling it into kids at a young age. Even when I was smoking I was telling my kids it was horrible and never to do it. They were onto me about it on a daily basis and it was one of the reasons I gave them up.

To be honest I'm not so sure about the banning it in parks. Will it drive people to smoke more in their own homes where it could be more harmful to kids and non smokers? There is an argument for both.

@Lovetolove - I know exactly where you are coming from. Although I'm not tempted to smoke I don't feel I'll ever hate them, it might come with time. Nothing wrong with liking them from afar.

Keep up the good work.


largepants said:
username123 how are you? Yea four months nearly - I told you I'd catch up.

Hi, doing great! You certainly did catch up, I knew you would

It must be the freshness of the burning cigarette smoke versus the staleness of smoke clung onto clothes? In saying that, smoking areas smell bad, even with people smoking in them. Ive only smelled smoke from a lit cigarette outdoors so it could be the quick whiff isnt enough to smell bad?

Yes I agree there is an argument for both sides on banning it. Actually I find it difficult to understand that such a thing as smoking is not totally illegal altogether. Its so bad for peoples health, why do governments allow companies to make cigarettes? Of course the answer is money and history, if you came up with such a toxic product right now and tried to sell it youd find it banned in short order.

Its from that perspective I think it should be banned, because cigarettes are so toxic they shouldnt be allowed to be made.


I smoked like a trooper from the age of 16 up until last June. Off them nearly a year now. The taught of smoking a fag make me physically sick. Yet while I was smoking I never tought I would have been able to quit. I tried plenty of times and just relapsed within a day or so. Then when I finially got my head right about it. I just sparked up a fag, smoked it and have never smoked since, no Nicorette, No Alan Carr books, just gave up and said to myself "Never again", Its mind over matter, If I managed to do it, anyone could. Now when I see people satnding outside shops etc... smoking it seems so stupid. I dunno guess i'm just a hypocrite

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