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Ok I have been tested (Hidden Hearing) and have 50% hearing loss I have trouble with speech tones, but that my hearing loss is the opposite of what you would normally expect. so I'm a bit back to front!
I avoid going out in, only use the phone when absolutely necessary, and dread have to deal with strangers because of it. I have constant tinnitus for company. I'm in no doubt I need aids in both ears, I'm not entitled to a grant so would have to pay it all myself, and like everyone knows money is tight.
I just don't know where to begin, and I want to get it right first time so any help and advice is appreciated. Either on thread or via pm.

Just to point out that this is my 3rd test in 12 years, at the other 2 (last one in 2008) I was told that I hardly had any loss and they didn't know why I was making a fuss or had any difficulty, so basically I was made to feel as if I was imagining it and just wasting their time. Horrible experience and made me feel so embarrassed especially since I'm only in my 30s!

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Well, obviously its not good news that you need hearing aids, but it is good that you have finally established that there is a solution to your hearing problem. (I was told twice by an ENT specialist that I did not have hearing loss, but then someone else read the same tests and told me what I knew, that I did have loss)

I'm sure you have checked out the requirements to qualify for a grant, the information is here.

Hearing aids can help with tinnitus, and you really should not get into the habit of not going out because of your hearing problem, though it is understandable.

Don't be tempted to go for the cheapest aid either. Be advised by your audiologist - if necessary go to a second one and see what they say for comparison. It depends on your hearing loss what you need, rather than going for the cheapest. If you have to go to your Credit Union for a loan, do it, it will be worth it in the long run. Look at insuring them too.

It is not an instant solution, it could easily take 6 months to completely get used to them, though you will notice a difference immediately.

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I was thinking of the speech emphasis plus from specsavers but wanted opinions on how good they are and are they worth it, do you get a free trial anywhere??
Are in the ear or in the canal better? see all I have is questions lol

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Just my personal experience but I would not use Specsavers - though I have been getting glasses and contacts there for years. Not sure what their problem is but I was given information in there that was subsequently contradicted - correctly - by my eventual supplier.

My understanding is that the 'in canal' aids are not as effective as the over the ear ones. When you look at the amount of 'computer' plus receiver etc that is in the little over the ear unit, that does make sense. I really don't know anything about the technical aspects though, only my own experience.

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I wear glasses all the time so it would be a bit cluttered with behind the ear types

So far I haven't found a choice of suppliers (3).... hence this post

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I also wear glasses all the time and it isn't a problem. What part of the country are you? I have heard good reports about Hidden Hearing, though their advertising put me off.

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looksee said:
What part of the country are you? I have heard good reports about Hidden Hearing, though their advertising put me off.

I'm in North Kerry, Hidden Hearing did my test but the second cheapest set is 3400 a pair which is a bit out of my budget at the mo.
Have you heard anything about Audivox in Cork, they give concessions to Medical card holders and do trade ins, free tests. I've sent them an email enquiry.
Or Touchstone hearing they came up in the golden pages search too.

I think I'll ask my Doc when he gets back from his hols, if he's not too hyper!


DeafHear is well worth a visit. They are not out to make a sale like Hidden Hearing would be. They offer great services and additional free courses to help you with your hearing loss. The type of hearing aid you need usually depends on the type of hearing loss you have, or the actual condition of your ears. For example, I can't use In The Ear aids because I'm prone to infection and fluid in the ears, so I have to have Behind The Ear aids.


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Firstly nothing to be embarrassed about , once you start using aids you will find that it is more embarrassing not hearing properly. I am wearing aids since I was 31 more than 20 years. I continued in my career and did extremely well. Now self employed and interact with people all the time- could not do it without my aids. I also wear behind the ear with glasses no problem what so ever.

I recently changed my aids and this time went for widex and bought a mdex for use with mobile phone - they are Bluetooth and stream sound directly into my ers also tv using a device called a tDex. Best aids I have ever had. I know it is expensive but try to go for quality rather than price.

I have used o Grady herring aids fro many years and service from Gerry is brilliant could not recommend him highly enough. Have a chat with him before you decide what you are going to buy. He operates a number of clinics throughout the country give him a call on 01 8025911

Hope this helps and good luck.

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Like many others in this thread, I have the same problem. I work with people and struggled to understand, particularly when there is background noise. I also have tinnitus but don't suffer from it - it's there but doesn't bother me. My diagnosis is "essential high frequency loss". No particular reason, just me, age, probably loud music as a youngster, genetics, etc.
The solution for me is two (very small) behind the ear hearing aids. I've just replaced/upgraded them due to continuing deterioration.
My answer is to go to a proper audiologist and get the full test done (cost is about 80 which should be refundable against any hearing aids). Good hearing aids are expensive, but not being able to understand people is even more costly. I went to Peter Ferguson in Limerick (hope it's ok to include a name here). He is very thorough, extremely knowledgeable and with a fully equipped test set-up. I've no hesitation in recommending him.

Note that hearing aids are tax deductible as a medical expense, just make sure you get the Med2 form filled out.

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Hey there, just wondering is hiddenhearing free? Thing is about 4 years ago I was diagnosed with having hearing loss and got hearing aids but I never got used to wearing them as by the time I got them I was going travelling in Oz, im back now nearly 2 years but still havent got my problem sorted out. I'm only in my early 30's and I have a reverse hearing pattern too! I got in-canal hearing aids and found them very uncomfortable. If I brought them back do you think that they would do a trade in on them? I would greatly appreciate any feedback I could get on this. I have tinnitus also with over 8 years now.

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You would really have to go and ask them. What do you mean about them being free? They don't charge for a first appointment so I am pretty sure they would not charge you to go and discuss your situation, if you don't like what they say you do not have to follow through.

Anything will feel uncomfortable initially - glasses, hearing aid, whatever. You will get used to it unless the thing is actually hurting you - the first hearing aid I had put in my ear actually scratched my ear canal slightly. It does require a bit of patience and determination.

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Thanks for that I didnt realise that the initial appointments were free, when i was going for consultations to the audiologist before going to Oz 4 years ago i was being charged 70euro a go, back then i could afford that not now.

They were hurting alot my ears had a burning sensation and the tinnitus was worse, maybe the in-canals wernt suiting my type of hearing loss, i'll have to go back and get it checked out. If you're unemployed would you get any extra assistance? I know from looking back at previous comments that there are grants available.

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Hi Everyone, hope people still watch this thread....I went to hidden hearing about a year ago and i was told i had only 65% hearing in both ears and i would need a hearing aid for both ears...i felt that hidden hearing were just trying to sell hearing aids...now granted i do find it difficult to hear people especially in loud noise enviroments etc. I find i have pressure up into the temple of my head as well and i get pains in my ears, when in an aeroplane the pain when decending is not even funny... I was going to go to a ENT Surgeon to get their opinion...does anyone else have these problems and did they go to an ENT Surgeon??

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An ENT specialist will check that there is no organic reason for your hearing problems - tumour, blood supply, that sort of thing. They will do a hearing test, but also possibly send you for a scan, etc. Once you have the all clear from ENT, your next port of call is the audiologist who tests your hearing and fits you with the appropriate hearing aids.
They are different and complementary professions.

You could also do it the other way round - the audiologist will refer you to ENT if they think there is something wrong, beyond simple hearing loss.

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