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Hi guys. I have an essay to do in college where I'm defending a statement by Hilary Clinton that Al Jazeera is a source of 'real news'.

I'm finding it very difficult to find articles which support this statement. There are a few, but they are very limited and tend to talk more about political issues and the history of the channel etc. I have literally read nearly 20 books (from my university library and e-books) as well as browsing through journal articles, but I have found very few relevant articles which focus on it.

The essay is 2500 words altogether so therefore it is a fair bit like.

If anyone could help me, I'd greatly appreciate it. Remember, they must be University standard articles, preferrably from established journals.

Thank you in advance

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You posted this twice in the forum so I've locked the other thread - to be honest I can't see you having much success in asking people to do your research for you but I'll leave this thread open and let it fall off the front page itself.

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maybe you could look up something the do with bahrain (the island)......maybe something there...

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What course are you doing? What subject/module was this essay given in?
The discussion point is vague and ambiguous.
How can you tell what "real news" is.
That is why there are so many media providers, one persons news, is not another persons news.
For example the lunchtime hour long news programme is not superior in an assumed "real news" hierarchy, than the two minute bulletin. It may discuss the news of the day in more detail; however it does not mean that the bulletin is giving news that is not real.
News from what I learned is "new, interesting and true".

Perhaps your studying something with a hint of sociology? It seems to me that the lecturer is asking you to explore why Clinton made such a remark as opposed to discussing the remark she made. I could be wrong, I haven`t seen the essay topic. Post it up: the question in its entirety.
Best of luck with it.

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Are you seriously asking people on an internet forum to suggest articles from university journals because you are too lazy to do it yourself?

I have come across plenty of articles on this subject - it's not hard and it's called research.

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