LeDanii Registered User

Hi everyone!

I was wondering if anyone could give me advice about volunteering in Dublin?

I'm from Argentina (been volunteering there for years), just arrived in Dublin a couple of weeks ago and would love to consider volunteering somewhere here!

Any experiences would be appreciated, thanks!

miju Banned

we'd be better able to help you if you let us know what type of volunteering you would like to do?

Prettyfireworks Registered User

There is something immediate that you could get involved in, Special Olympics Ireland are having their annual collection day this week and need volunteers for towns all over Ireland. You can sign up via their week. You can sign up via their website, they are stuck for people so they would be delighted to have as much support as possible!

Good luck with whatever you end up doing

LeDanii Registered User

Hi there,

Thanks for the ideas!
I would be interested in working with refugees. It's a topic ive always been interested in and never got the chance to do something about it!
Thanks again

knockadoon Registered User

Visit www.volunteerdublin.ie and you can get a listing of your local volunteer centres (the map will guide you to the most appropriate centre to where you live). They have a vast database of opportunities to volunteer.

LeDanii Registered User

Thank you for the info! Will be checking the website now, thankss!

LazyFecker Registered User

heya.. hopefully not too late to add to the thread.....

Check out St. Vincent De Paul (or "Vincent's" as they are now known).
They have home visits for the elderly/disabled that are very worthwhile, and they also run charity shops to raise funds for other projects that they run in ireland.

I dont know if you have yet had exposure to Vincents, but they have a long history in ireland going back to when people were living in slums with one toilet for 20 houses, so they are long established, with a strong pedigree, and always looking for new volunteers.

If you have any interest, check out: www.svp.ie

CommanderC Registered User

Good on you

I second the SVP suggestion. I volunteer with them. Everyone is really nice and there are loads of different opportunities in different areas to get involved with.

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