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High End Luxury - money is no object.
Luxury - The largest, most widely known class of luxury timepieces
Pseudo Luxury - When you want a better luxury watch, but don't want to spend so much
Basic Luxury - When you want something finer than average

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SpannerMonkey Registered User

Thanks for the input lads went into town today and bought a Longines Conquest Automatic . Actually the one foxyboxer suggested , beautiful watch and got a very nice discount and it personally engraved,
So cheers for the help lads

foxyboxer said:
Slightly over budget (circa €880) but a new watch with a vintage look.

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Homer Registered User

Well done. I'm sure he will be more than happy with that. It's stunning.

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What do I win?

Great choice. Simple and classic looking.

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Miklos Registered User

Nice buy, those Conquests are gorgeous.

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gavsmith Registered User

You guys seem to really know your watches!
Do you have any idea where I'd get a nice leather minimalistic watch for a mates 30th, spending around €150-200 mark?!

Miklos Registered User

Spending up to 200 quid you'd be well off looking at a Seiko, some lovely classic looking watches that are great value.

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+1 on Seiko.

I like this new model. ref ssb022p1

€200 as far as I can see.

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peasant Moderator

You might like the Junkers "Bauhaus" series.

The entry quartz models are 180 - 200 euro

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