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Hi, I am just looking for some info please, my daughter is due to graduate this year and doesnt want to do a masters etc., so my question is - what now? she is talking about travelling but as she has no income I cant see how this will pan out! what do most people do after their BA? I am just concerned and as she is studying for her exams I dont want to go asking too many questions, at least until the exams are over!

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could really be doing with some info please

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Some people travel, some people get work and some people continue in the education business. She wants to travel and if she has no kids, no husband and no expenses this is a good time for her to do it. She can probably pick up work abroad as she goes along and if/when she gets back, she might have a better idea of what to do re:job/education.

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but can you tell me what kind of work can she do here, assuming she could get a job, with just a BA

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There is no set job unless she specialises in something - obviously anything English based. Unless she prefers History then perhaps more in lines with Research. Teaching, the Civil Service, Admin.

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yeh that's pretty much what I thought! but, does she need to get more qualifications for teaching - I think that's what is in the back of her mind - to teach english and history at second level

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karen89 said:
yeh that's pretty much what I thought! but, does she need to get more qualifications for teaching - I think that's what is in the back of her mind - to teach english and history at second level

Not too sure on the teaching but it may be another year or so
Some more info on it

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thanks, will check it out!

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karen89 said:
thanks, will check it out!

I think for teaching she would have to do a HDIP after her degree. Some of my freinds who are looking at doing HDIP's are saying its very hard to get into though, she would need to get a good 2.1 or 1st in her final exams, so just bare that in mind.

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thanks for the input, she has 2 exams left to do so we will have to wait and see how that goes, at the moment I dont want to ask too many questions until she gets over the exams.

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If she's not passionate about teaching and very very very patient in terms of the near impossibility of getting a job especially in English & History where teachers are ten a penny, then nobody could recommend that road.

If she's intent of travelling then doing a TEFL course might be worthwhile and also let her test her aptitude for teaching.

Longterm unless she can talk her way into some nature of graduate training programme she will have to get specific training by way of a postgrad. With the cost of them she should be damn sure about the path she is going to pursue though and some time working her way around the world might be very good for her in terms of solidifying her plans.


Not to be rude - But Jeezzzz lay off the girl.

Im assuming shes done well in exams her whole academic life, and now that shes an adult and finishing up her University Education - which believe me, is NO easy feat - I have a BA in English Literature and Media - she deserves the luxury of taking a year out to travel/work/sit on her ass on the dole.

There are plenty of things for her to do if she sets her mind, she'll find the money to travel if that whats she wants.

Youre not even my mum and youre annoying me - your poor daughter - the minute she gets finished up and a chance to relax after getting a DEGREE you'll be on her back about 'what shes doing next'.

Back off. Or else she may just go travelling and not come back.

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I don't think it's unreasonable for a mother to want to clue herself in on what's facing her daughter. She's clearly not putting on a whole pile of pressure. If the daughter want's to discuss options in a few weeks post exams it'd be a useful position to be in to have some relevant issues to discuss, questions to ask and ideas to bring to the table.
These are stressful times for grads and their folks who may not have been in this position themselves.

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Thanks Kob29, obviously the previous poster has no idea what its like to be a parent and yes you are right, I am just giving her space and haven't even mentioned exams, results or what's next! It is tough enough for uni grads to get jobs in this wonderful little country of ours and I am just trying to get an idea of what is out there for my daughter, I have never pressured her about exams, she does her best and thats all that matters! I would like to be able to have a conversation with her, after her results, and at least have an idea about what I am talking about! I spent all day yesterday organising references, photos, ID's etc with her for a job away AND she is my daughter so I think I am well within my rights to be concerned! again thanks kob29

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The PDE formally known as the PGDE and prior to that the Hdip in Education will become a 2 year course from Sept 2014 so I would urge your daughter to start before then if she decides on that root.

You are right to be inquisitive about her future because at the minute a Bachelor of Arts Degree alone will not be enough to secure a well paid job.

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