I know gamersworld has the two player battlebox for a decent price but is there anywhere good for ordering individual boxes? Or even if the battlebox was cheaper anywhere online I wouldn't say no!

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Just incase your looking for the Menoth side of the battle box, http://www.adverts.ie/models/the-protectorate-of-menoth-army/1566101


It's the menoth side I'll be collecting, having the extra units for that price would be awesome!

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Thats my advert Marshbaboon. Im currently selling the menoth side of the battlebox, if your interested.



Aye. I'm splitting a battlebox with a friend already next weekend so don't want to back out on him but it's 30 euro for one warjack off the shelf so the extra units are a bargain. I'll double check I'll have the cash & if I do I'll put in an offer on adverts and grab it off you on the same day.

Is the rule book it comes with the same as the soft cover rulebook you buy seperately? Just without the fluff?

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Yes, the rulebook is exactly the same just without the fluff, very handy for travel. No worries just let me know later if your interested.

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