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Hi all,

Been thinking of busting out the bodyboard for the craic, and the only place (without naming names obviously) I can think of with nice big dumps in shallow water is Spanish Point. I have had a few bad experiences there on a longboard....

Anyone on here do much bodyboarding at all in Clare? You don't see many bodyboarders about on the regular beaches, mainly kids goofing around in knee high water!

killedsirius Registered User

my brother is a big fan of the SP reefs for his bodyboarding, especially the one under the nuns.

seachto7 Registered User

YEah, seems like SP could be a good bodyboarding beach on good days, as the waves break in shallow water, could be too dangerous for some surfers, especially over by the rocks....

seachto7 Registered User

anyone know a good place to get fin socks in Clare/Limk?

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seachto7 said:
anyone know a good place to get fin socks in Clare/Limk?

I got mine in tubes but that's closed now so the only place to go is River Deep.

BZ Registered User

I bodyboard a lot down the clare coast best spots i find are lahinch,spanish point beach when it rarely works now a days and doonbeg which can be big and breaks shallow.I have another spot i go when the conditions are right but im keeping quiet on that one.I got my fin socks in oceanscene in lahinch otherwise river deep will stock good one's.

seachto7 Registered User

I have socks but they are open, as in they cover your toes, but just have a wrap around at the ankle. Would be nice to get ones to cover all the feet.
Yeah, going to start throwing the bodyboard into the car, and if it's too challenging for the board, or breaking shallow, it might be nice to be able to thrash around on the bodyboard...

killedsirius Registered User

lahinch surf shop should sell socks. alder ones i think. not sure if he does good fins. I got my mantas on the net

seachto7 Registered User

I have fins already, just want to keep the toes warm!

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seachto7 said:
anyone know a good place to get fin socks in Clare/Limk?

I got a pair in Oceanscene-dirt cheap too

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Cool, just tapping the fingers now waiting for a wave.........

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Fanore can be pretty good if the conditions are right.Some days though you'd be wasting your time down there.

seachto7 Registered User

looked alright the last few days, no car. raging. got it back from mechanic, and looks like it is dying down the weekend....

Chavways Registered User

I'm heading to Fanore tomorrow evening so hopefully there's a bit of surf there.Bringing the GoPro so it should be good.

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Ok to resurect an old thread?

I have been having difficulty on my bodyboard. I know there are lots of reasons why this may be so. But I often feel like it's a struggle to keep it afloat.

It's a 42 inch board.

I know I have been trying to catch waves that would be too big for my ability as a longboarder. I often feel like a "bigger" bodyboard under me would allow me more "floatation"? I'm about 6ft 1, and normal build. Should I look at a bigger one perhaps?

Any waves I do catch on it, I feel like I am weighing it down or something....

Maybe it's just my technique....?

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