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For anyone interested in going to the dogs, Betfair are offering free entry at the stiles Saturday 21st from 18:30.

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what are the t&c?

padocon Registered User
Esel Not your ornery onager

I'm a bit confused....

"The leading betting exchange and Shelbourne Park have announced free entry for all patrons paying general admission at the turnstiles"

"Free admission is to anyone paying general admission on the night"

"General admission on the night would have been €10 for an adults and €5 students & Oap's"

"Free admission offer only covers people paying general admission at the turnstiles on Saturday 21st of April"

So, if you pay, you get in free???

PinkFly Registered User

That's probably covering people who have already bought tickets online etc so they can't come looking for a refund

deelite Registered User

Thats a good bargain think I might go with the kids and himself tonight

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