carmo13 Registered User

those cowards wouldn't have got out the door alive when Mick was in his heyday. count me in for a donation to whatever fund gets going. i wonder would Sean Kelly consider donating a percentage of the tour of waterford to the cause?

downwiththatsor Registered User

Very sad to hear this legend was targeted by these thugs. It would appear the Mick likes and leads a simple life and probably does not need much money except a few euros for the necessities of food and heat etc. I think we should use any collection to get Mick something to remind him of his legendary days like a framed picture from here -

The paper said he lives near Caherciveen now the fist big major feed station on the Ring Of Kerry charity cycle.
Not sure if Mick is a man for the limelight but they could do something for him in caherciveen next July?

Anyway nice to see this forum has thought of him.

Contador could learn a bit from his pre race diet

Just heard now on the mp3 that he gets no pension so i guess money is best after all.

DePurpereWolf Registered User

Maybe we could get him a gun instead....

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happytramp Registered User

Yep, I'm totally on board for this.

531 Registered User

Count me in for a small donation. The joy and amazement when reading about him in the book 'The Men of the Rás' is worth a few quid. He was certainly different. Makes us modern cyclists with our carbon fibre, lycra etc feel like lambs.

As for the person who considers it ok to rob an elderly man living alone, they are beyond contempt. No punishment is too harsh.

RV Registered User

In the absence of a better suggestion, I am going to send an enevlope to the Presbytery in Caherciveen.

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jameverywhere Registered User

Any way we can get together on this, or is it just a whole bunch of talk, no action?

I really would like to help but I don't know enough about the place or the man to feel confident I could get him something.

TheNah Registered User

anyway we could set up a "just giving" internet page and nominate a local charity to channel the funds? that would make it easy to contribute - i think many many people would like to help out Mick a bit after this.

pprendeville Registered User

Anyone here living in Kerry (only one I know of is ROKON). Everyone pays whatever amount into their PayPal account, for arguments sake, and they deliver it. I'll happily contribute.

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cdaly_ Registered User

I'd go along with that.

bogmanfan Registered User

Spoke to my granny who knows him well on Sunday. She had only heard what happened, but hadn't spoken to him. She said she'd ring me when she heard more.
I wonder would it be possible to organise a sportive or similar event, with proceeds to go to him? The ROK isn't for a few months yet, but even a hill climb event or something similar on the day after the ROK might be a good idea.

rash Registered User

TheNah said:
anyway we could set up a "just giving" internet page and nominate a local charity to channel the funds? that would make it easy to contribute - i think many many people would like to help out Mick a bit after this.

I would think the money would be better given to a 3rd party such as a local charity as suggested, with any money raised dedicated solely to Mick. Otherwise he would only become a prime hit again if money was given direct

jameverywhere Registered User

I have a tenner set aside anyhow. any leads on a charity that would be appropriate?

scaeraurelius Registered User

I did the story on Mick Murphy for the Examiner and was, like many, appalled at the dickhead who conned him. If I knew who he was I'd staple him to a tree and have Mick fling rocks at him!
Anyway, rant over, I thought about doing something like a sportive / charity spin, and donate the proceeds to the great man, ie, drive down and give him the cash in an envelope. I think there would be interest and even if we got 500 quid out of it, at 50 guys paying a tenner each, im sure he wouldnt decline.
Similarly, what would be easier and probably as lucrative, is setting up a mycharity page?. reckon we could make it work? Could we e-mail the link of the mycharity page to every club secretary in Ireland? I am a cyclist and race most weekends and could send out a few flyers to race organisers? there could be a bucket where riders sign on for the race and they can donate what they want??

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