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At the moment I have superantispyware, malwarebytes, MS essentials and windows firewall

Im getting tired of all the spyware im getting over 30 each day and the latest virus im getting is the Exploit:Java/CVE-2012-0507.T

Is my anti virus good enough?

Im thinking of getting avast, would that be better than what I have at the moment?

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I use only avast, spyware blaster and malwarebytes (sometimes spybot search and destroy) and I've never had any problems.

Uninstalled malwarebytes yesterday because it was giving me false/positive messages on everything i.e. firefox, bitcomet etc.

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I have MSE and I periodically scan with malware bytes. I never get viruses/spyware. Are you using usb keys in other computers and then using them in yours? Always scan them when you first plug them in. Is your firewall enabled and pop up blocker enabled on your browser. Don't click dodgy pop ups saying "your computer is infected, click here to fix" etc...

Are you opening email attachments from people you don't know. That's a hell of a lot of spyware and viruses you're getting. There really is no need for a pay to use antivirus software package. A little bit of caution with your online behaviour and MSE should suffice.

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Exploit:Java/CVE-2012-0507.T is probably not a virus, more of a security vulnerability.

Avast is pretty good, but so is MSE, not a huge difference between the two.

What browser are you using ? That plays an important role in PC security.

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i'd be wondering what you're doing to get that much crap on your PC to begin with?

as has already been said, what browsr are you using? try chrome or firefox and get yourself adblock plus.

i used to use AVG before it got so bloaty, now i mostly just use MSE and do the odd scan with spybot s&d to be on the safe side and between that and an ad/spy blocking script on my router and adblock plus on the pc's i use and that petty much covers me for most stuff and i find that i hardly get anything most of the time.

prevention is better than cure.

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The super anti spyware is actually picking up adware cookies, which I dont think are damaging (unless you have loads and loads of them)

my browser is firefox and have adblock

I did a boot anti virus scan and the Exploit:Java/CVE-2012-0507.T came up again, does any know what exactly that is?

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cookies are harmless like you say. Can you post a log from whatever is finding that java exploit ?

SRWare Iron is the best browser imo, definitely better than firefox when it comes to security


If you really wanna stick with firefox, would be a good idea to install these


and of course adblock plus that was mentioned

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iv sware Iron too (very good browser)

Where im getting that jave exploit

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That's nothing to worry about. Probably a good idea to flush your java cache though


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