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slayerking said:
It actually wasnt too bad price wise.

Beer tower and drip tray were bought from a german site called
The tower also has a beer line chiller circuit if you wanted to chill the lines (I dont have a beer line chiller!)

They have an amazon shop on that I actually used to buy the stuff, but this was only because I had a few vouchers so it cost me very little all told.

Great shop in general for stuff actually

Very good site and in fairness Google Chrome does a great job of translating. Pity they don't do JG Fittings for the cornies though, could kill two birds with the one stone

Do the towers include the taps? (D'oh - never mind, just saw your later post)

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PhiliousPhogg said:
In order: My black IPA, the most part for my microbrewery, and my brews in some local bottles - first person to identify what country I'm in gets a free bottle* (the second from left is an interesting one!).

*Must pick up

Do I get extra beer for knowing you're in Wellington?

PhiliousPhogg Registered User

Sure, an honorary homebrewed ale to you (no P&P). I'm guessing you've either lived here or currently reside here. There's quite a scene, and growing. Do you know these beers? Frequent any of the craft beer bars around town?

lang Registered User

This is my first brew after three weeks bottle fermenting. It's turned out quite nice even if I do say so myself. It's a Coopers Original Real Ale w/ LME (light). Threw it into Secondary fermenter along with EKG and Cascade hops for about a week. Definite citrus, bitter twang of the brew but the off Sour Green Apple flavour has certainly disappeared. Very pleased with it! I have a Coopers Irish Stout Kit in Primary at the moment so that'll be ready in a good few weeks.

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DeadSkin Registered User

Last of the Muntons Gold India Pale Ale going down nicely this evening. Have another batch just bottled the weekend.

The Muntons Premium Gold Midas Touch Golden Ale, just popped a bottle of that yesterday, 3 weeks locked up in the wardrobe, lovely stuff.

Have a Woodfords 3.0 Kg Admirals Reserve kicked off tonight
Very productive few days.......

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DeadSkin Registered User

The IPA I bottled about 4 weeks has had little carbonation, improved over the past week alright. I reckon the recent hot weather has had some affect on it.

Looking forward to the Woodfords Admiral Reserve, just bottled it a week ago & stuck it under the stairs - a bit cooler in there.

Bloody hombrew west are now closed on Saturdays!!! Was nice and handy to drop in the odd Saturday for a looksee, always came out with something. Pain in the ar$e now trying to get to them during the week.

Yawns Registered User

Ok here's my setup atm. I have a few kits I need to finish off then I will be moving onto all grain. I did say when I got finished near enough I will post a pic of my setup.

I've managed to convince my girlfriend that we don't need a table and chairs so I have them disassembled and put away upstairs in a spare room. Cool huh? I've convinced her some bar stools and the bar here is the way forward.

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Khannie said:
Some very impressive setups there folks. I bottled a batch of cider last night. You can get an idea of the colour in the clear glass bottle over on the right hand side. Can't wait for it. Going to kick off another one soon so that they can properly age before I drink them all.

Is that a "Savanna" on the right

Khannie Make your dreams happen

Ratsathome said:
Is that a "Savanna" on the right

Yes it is! Well spotted. Saw it in lidl one day and tried it out. Tasty enough.

fobster Registered User

47 bottles (large and small) of amber ale. First time dry-hopping, smelt great at bottling... think it's time to get a bench capper. The twin-handed capper was a mare at times.

And labels from previous batches

Wheat beer

Christmas Ale

Labels were created using the brilliant site, This site is blocked in work but has a sister site which isn't. Woop!

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BeerNut said:
Can I get anyone a beer? This is most of what I have in the homebrew stash at the moment:

I keep one bottle of every brew for some purpose that isn't clear yet. You can see some of them over at the far right.

Hey Beernut - How do you stop these from Freezing during winter? Is it not too cold in your attic for carbonation? The attic would really suit me as my house is small and I've very little space to store my brews!

Here is my Milestone IPA. It was my first brew, made in February. It tasted very homebrewy so I had left it under the stairs untouched. I decided to try it last night and its much nicer. Its a very dark IPA though, I wouldnt go for it again. I much prefer the American IPA.

I also have a Better Brew Pilsner which is almost ready to drink - I dry hopped it with about 30g of cascade. At the moment it tastes pretty damn good - really looking forward to having it again in a few weeks!

Will be putting on a few brews this weekend:

1) Breferm Christmas
2) Brewferm Gallia
3) Ginger Beer recipe from another thread!

I also have an all grain American IPA kit from Brouland - just have to put together my all grain equipment!

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J o e Registered User

Coffee Chocolate Stout

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lang Registered User

J o e said:
Coffee Chocolate Stout

Looks very good!! I had a heartbreaking evening during the week where I had to throw my Stout down the sink as it was undrinkable I had tried (over the last few weeks) the brew in the hope that it'd come on a bit, but alas it was not to be. About 30 bottles down the drain....I am not put off at all though. Have a Oz Pale Ale conditioning in bottles and a Pilsner (for herself) in Secondary. Have high enough hopes for the Ale anyway.

Baz_ Registered User

J o e said:
Coffee Chocolate Stout

what kit did you use, and did you do anything to make it particularly chocolaty and coffee-ey?

Coopers stout kit is going to be my next brew on and I'm thinking I'm going to still be drinking it come Christmas and the tastier it is the better for the festive season...

What happened to your stout Lang?

Ratsathome Registered User

Coopers Wheat Beer
(Invalid img)

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