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Hey guys ! I have started posting a Minecraft Series and I thought I might post some of the Videos Here ! But Remember to visit my Channel guys because I will post the Video a few days early before I post them here ! Also Remember to vist my Channel to support me !

My Youtube Channel:

Episode 1:

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Just uploaded a 30min Episode, check it out Guys !

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Episode 6 and 7 up now guys !

Episode 6 audio fecked up so I just talk over the gameplay !
Episode 7, Minecraft as usual !

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Hey guys, back again ! I just uploaded a video of all my PS3 Games, and my thoughts on them, so if you wanna see what I had to say about the games I had, head on over to the video and remember to like and subscribe if you enjoy what you see ! Thanks guys !

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Guys, sorry I haven't been updating the video list recently, so here is all of them so far !

Good Quality Episodes now:

Thanks guys !

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Going to lock this. Minecraft forum is probably more suited, but ASK a mod before you start a thread.

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