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What is Magheramore like? I have a 9 foot circle one so I guess if there is even a ripple I will be abel to catch it. :-)

darragh97 Registered User

+1 on that

stevire Registered User

There's a few threads on this already, and on how to forecast waves in the area. Some of it is trial and error too but here's a couple of things that will get you started.

  • Magicseaweed Dublin Area:
  • http://magicseaweed.com/Dublin-Area-Surf-Report/694/Very fickle forecasting for the area when it comes to smaller waves but good to see if there will be swell around in the future and wind/swell direction.
  • Met.ie Buoy Reports:
  • http://www.met.ie/latest/buoy.aspM2 is off Howth Head, M5 is off Hook Head. In general if you have a Wave Height reading greater than 1.8m on M2 you'll have waves, it's a bit more fickle and depends on wind/swell direction when it comes to reading it off M5 buoy.
  • Brittas Bay Surf School:
  • http://www.facebook.com/BrittasBaySurfSchoolNew school setup in Brittas recently, they do eyeball reports most days.

As I said, some of it will be trial and error. Keep an eye on the forecasts and what works when. You'll get the hang of it and start to see patterns of when there's waves in Maghermore.

zoobizoo Registered User

Rarely worth the effort of a drive down......


In a word...............poo.

conman78new Registered User

Was v decent 3-4ft ground swell on Tues morn for couple of hours, surprisingly good

Low Pockets Registered User

conman78new said:
Was v decent 3-4ft ground swell on Tues morn for couple of hours, surprisingly good

Pics or it didn't happen

rodento Registered User

Scored epic welsh point break on my own that morning, twas well overhead

Twas a solid 3m SW swell that morning so something must of come through, also had light offshores for me

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