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Lots of people complaining to Kong on their FB about their sponsorship/support of Cesar Millan. Without getting into a debate on CM (there's been more than enough lol)... I don't support him or his methods but I'm sure as hell not going to throw out all the Kong stuff I've forked out on because Kong is now in cahoots with CM? People on FB are claiming they won't stock Kong stuff because of this which I don't believe either tbh?

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Dre as in Dray Registered User

Dont support him either, but its not because of the TV show (because thats what it is) Its because i dont know what his methods are. At the end of the day, they are methods. I dont know why people get so upset about it.

tk123 Registered User

They should just put his pic on the toys then the dogs get to maul the face off him - lovers and haters sorted!

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Dre as in Dray Registered User

Thats a great solution.

Cherry Blossom Moderator

Have just looked into this and it appears to be yet another example of 'Facebook hysteria', Kong have stated that they neither endorse, support nor sponsor Cesar Millan in anyway outside of chucking them a few freebies to promote use of their products as they do with many others.

Let's keep Facebook hysteria where it belongs please

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