off.the.walls Registered User

Looking to do this part time course need to know if its worth the money that I will be paying for it as its up around €800 for the course.

Anyone done this or know anyone who can vouch for it being a good course and actually delivering on its course content?

fellowes77 Registered User

I havnt done this myself..but for last few years i am running IT business and surely know the demand of getting good application goahead


Ringing endorsement there! Did you register just to say that?

OP fire some emails off to some potential employers and see what they say. I can't comment either way apart from to say GCD in general is grand although the IT bits that we get to see in the Law faculty don't look up to much. Make sure you visit the college, they have an open day every other day it seems and if you can't make one someone will probably give you a personal tour.

Can you not get the course for free though springboard?

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