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Hi,wondering has anybody here gone back to cit to do electrical engineering part time. I am a qualified electrician and can go into second year but as I'm not great at maths was going to take the first yr module of math and some of the other second yr modules for my first year part time. Would be great to here from someone that went back to get the elec. degree to find out how they got on,I'm also 34

Paulie Walnuts Registered User

Hey Rich Tea. Not an electrician and haven't done Elec Eng but I'm in another engineering department. Went back as a mature student without any previous background in engineering. I would have done the Maths modules you'll be doing. It can be tough, but it's do-able. I know a couple of people that did what you're planning to do ie. sparks going into 2nd year Elec Eng. They both got through it alright, If you feel that you're weak at Maths then there is a Learning Support Centre where you can get one on one tutorials. If you haven't already done so you can check out the modules here.

Best of luck with it!

Rich tea Registered User

Thanks for the information Paulie

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