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Hi going unreg for this. I want to put this out there for some girl's opinions.
Ok met this great guy over last xmas, we get on great etc. He is younger than me by 4 years(I am 30). We started to sleeping together after a month and everything was great from the start.
About a month ago while we are having sex he started to kiss my feet then sucking my toes etc. Now this is pleasureable in a way its just that this is what gets him off every time. I mean if I want him to finish, it must involve my feet. Dont get me wrong, our sex life is great and varied but what I notice is that if I want to have sex or get him in the humour, all I have to do is show him my bare feet eg invite him for a foot massage and then its all systems go.
Is this something I should be concerned with for the future? I wonder should he interested in other body parts more? I mean I have a good figure etc.

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Some people have foot fetishes, some people don't. I wouldn't really see it as an issue, as such. I mean, there are worse fetishes out there. Is it an issue for you?

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Is a man's view acceptable?

Some men like breasts; others like bottoms (and, of course, some are inclusive). Being stimulated by other body parts is less common, but not rare. Foot fetishism is very much a minority thing, but not exceptional. There is no reason to believe that it will develop into anything else. He is stimulated by your feet; you seem not to find his attention to them to be a real problem. So enjoy.

[Google "footjob".]

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No reason to be worried at all. Its handy (no pun intended) to be able to get a man in the mood so easily and with added bonuses to yourself. You'll never need to ask for a foot rub after a long day!

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There's nothing wrong with having a foot fetish. It wouldn't bother me at all.

However what matters is how YOU feel about it. As long as you're comfortable with what's happening then it's great. If you're not comfortable then you should say something. It seems to me like maybe, given that you yourself don't really associate feet with anything sexual, that it might lead you to feel a bit detached from sex when he starts concentrating on your feet? Like maybe he's ignoring other qualities of yours you'd rather have appreciated?

Everyone has different preferences, and there will be times in most relationships where you do certain things solely for the enjoyment of the other person, but if he can only get off to feet, and you don't get off to feet, then I can imagine you'd begin to feel a little neglected if every session involves feet.

I don't really think you would have posted here unless you're having an issue with this, so talk to him about it.

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It would probably bother me that it seems to be the only way to get him off. But other then that I wouldn't see the issue. It is something that he finds attractive. You might have a kink that he might find unusual too.

Talk to him about it. Ask him what it is about your feet that have this effect on him. Maybe once you understand you will be more comfortable with it.

P. Breathnach Registered User

ihsb said:
Talk to him about it. Ask him what it is about your feet that have this effect on him....

No harm in doing that, but I'm prepared to bet he won't be able to provide a meaningful answer. The human psyche is complex. An inability to explain such a preference does not mean it is in some way wrong.

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Steve - you just received one warning from a Mod here about another of your posts. Due to the time between that and this I am giving you the benefit of the doubt - however - as per Beruthiel if you continue to post such flaming responses you will be banned.

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Mia30 said:

Is this something I should be concerned with for the future? I wonder should he interested in other body parts more? I mean I have a good figure etc.

I agree with the other posts above. My only additional comment is that if the relationship moves to a long term basis, you should try to engage him in conversation about it and talk about how to make sure his feelings about feet don't overshadow the rest of your physical relationship. Fetishes can tend to strengthen and intensify over time and that might become a problem if it isn't dealt with and 'managed' along the road.

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Thanks for all the replies.
In response to some of them, what is different to me is that I never had a guy that I have had sex with have this particular interest/fetish. I mean a few of them before would like my breasts andbum but not to the same extent that my current boyfriend likes my feet! While other boyfriends have encouraged me to dress in clothes that show off my figure, this guy encourages me to wear open toe shoes and hig heel sandals when we go out. Even suggests what nail varnish to use!!
Its a new thing for me, never experienced it before so thats why I thought it strange. I did my research and yes it seems that is not an uncommon fetish for some guys.
I have brought it up with him last night and he said that he always had a thing for girls feet and he loves mine. He asked me did it bother me but I said no.
In the bedroom, I am satisfied and he is a good lover but as some others have pointed out, I wonder could it get overboard in time.
I was putting this post out there to see if other women/men/couples are experiencing this kind of thing.

Beruthiel omnipotent and omniscient

Many people have a foot fetish.
One of the most famous is Quentin Tarantino.
If you've seen Kill Bill, then you'll remember Uma Thurman in the truck scene.
Pulp Fiction and the foot massage.
In fact, if he can, he tends to get in some sort of foot reference into most of his films.

Really, it's no biggie OP and if it doesn't bother you, then go with it.


I went out with a guy for years that had a foot fetish so I'll give you my story.

My boyfriend liked boobs and bums as much as the next man but like your boyfriend, feet were like catnip to him! He would happily handle and lick my feet for ages. At the start is was a bit strange because it didn't seem to matter if I was even paying attention, I could have been watching t.v. or reading a book and his enjoyment wasn't diminished. I didn't really get it but it didn't bother me. I got excited once when he bought a reflexology book, thinking he was teaching himself to give proper foot massages, but no, it was for the pictures! Stange yes, but harmless.

I never wore high heels or shoes that would show off my feet (apart from very sensible sandals in summer) so when the shoes were on it was off the agenda. He didn't even like ladies shoes because they apparently made the feet look unnatural and develop calluses, so I guess I was lucky, in that he wasn't dictating what I should wear. Although he hated woolly socks and slippers, presumably for the same reason other men hate when their girlfriends wear snuggly pajama's!

In the four years I was with him I never noticed any marked increase in his interest in feet, he just became more confidant with them if that makes and sense. He once took pictures of my feet which I had mixed feeling about. On one hand he was taking "dirty photographs" on the other, no one would ever think of them that way if they were discovered.

Ultimately I figured whats the difference between him liking my feet and liking my bum?

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Consider yourself lucky OP, some people have much more twisted fetishes. At least this is something you can satisfy without needing to actively participate in; you can relax and enjoy watching him get his kicks!

Perhaps you will find a way to make this more enjoyable for you too! I know if my boyfriend had a foot fetish I would enjoy teasing him; eg; playing footsie at a resturaunt and watching him squirm ;-) i won't elaborate further, but if you watch a few "instructional" videos, you might find an enjoyable role to play.

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Mia30 said:
I mean if I want him to finish, it must involve my feet.....

That's where the issue is and that's where problems will arise. There's no harm in having a particular attachment to feet per se but when your sexual enjoyment starts to revolve around that one issue then it becomes a problem IMO. He should be able to enjoy sex completely without resorting to his foot fetish play. If he can't do that then the problem needs to be dealt with.

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