Im looking to put together a modern Brass Band who play old school R&B, Soul, Jazz, Funk with A hip hop kick.

Similar to Rebirth Brass band and youngblood brass band.. any fans of Treme will know what im talking about.

I plan on managing, taking care of gigs and the general looking after of the band so Im looking for bass, guitar, drums, trombones, trumpets, saxophones, tuba and every horn you can think of.

Want to keep this to a 6 - 8 piece band..
Age range 18 - 30 but any age feel free to send me info
Im based in Dublin but depending on the response I will work out best place for the band to practice.

If anybody out there is interested in an adventure.. PM me and lets get started

When pm'in me please just tell me a little about yourself, musical history and past bands

I think this could be something really interesting!

- Chris

Burst yeh! Registered User

Pm sent!

paligulus1 Registered User

Just as a way to bump your thread ( as I think this would be brilliant), I thought that the storyline in Treme where Steve Zahn's character sets up the band was really inspiring and I'm glad to see someone trying to do something similar in Ireland.

Best of luck sir!!!

grogameister Registered User

PM sent-Drummer Available for this here project

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