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Anyone using a multicopter for aerial photography. Looking at setting myself up with a system and wouldn't mind talking to some experienced people out there.


hammer73 Registered User

Somebody out there must know something........

Bruthal Registered User

I flew one a fair few times. Was not a big fan of it really. That doesnt mean others wouldnt be though. Got some good photos with it though.

hammer73 Registered User

What system do you have and what camera did you use?

Bruthal Registered User

It was not actually my own system. I flew it for someone now and again.

It was a mikrokopter quad. I used a t-rex 600 with a 3 axis mount i made, which was better, vibration was easier to eliminate on the t-rex 600 setup because the vibration is lower frequency etc.

The mikrokopter was interesting though, it had position hold etc, which was handy.

It all depends on what you are going to want to photograph or video. We used a radian glider as well, which i thought was the best of all.

Cameras for stills were compact cameras, for video it was the go pro.

PJ.Harte Registered User

Here is some shots from a Multicopter



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