Igor2155 Registered User

Hello, so Im unemployment I gettin jobseeker allowance, however today I got the letter from revenue and its just a form 12a to fill however someone already filled part with ''emplyment pension details'':

Emploers PAYE Register NO (number my boss)
Date of my employment commenced (15/5/11) and somebody written next of this ''ceased 21/7/11 PAY - 2799 euro TAX - NIL''

What does it mean? The dates are when I was working and when I quit the job.

Do they want give me back this money or I have to pay this sum of money?

fasttalkerchat Registered User

It looks like it is just saying how much money you made and how much tax you paid. You will need this info for your next employer for tax credits.

You don't have to pay anything.

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