DarkSun101 Registered User

can u add my friend his username is maxzappes

Flamesdog Registered User

DarkSun101 Registered User

can u whitelist my friend username maxzappes

Glider67 Registered User

Tallon said:
There is now a hunger games map on the server. It's actually a lot of fun and the admins have been working hard on it.

If you want to join in, feel free to come on tonight when there's a special event on (I actually don't know what, Sssssiiiiimon is organising it)

Anyone that's not whitelisted, just say, and I'll add you


IP is: mc.TalTallon.com

Can you whitelist me? My username is Glider67

Glider67 Registered User

Can you whitelist me? Im Glider67 (sorry for double post)

shockwavez Registered User

hey can ya whitelist me thanks, my ign is tomthe40

rowangall2003 Registered User

Can you add andymadden please

Saaron Registered User

rowangall2003 said:
Can you add andymadden please

Do not whitelist this person!

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Benny975 Registered User

Can you please add me? IGN: Benny975 I`m so exting

bengibson9 Registered User

please whitelist jwl200

jjjjk Registered User

pls add me rtt1919

bengibson9 Registered User

Thanks! Looks great! my username is jwl200

bengibson9 Registered User

please can you whitelist me?

my name is bencraft9


sausagewax Registered User

plz add me my ign is andrewmoo

zahneokli_99 Registered User

Whitelist me zachneokli_99 please

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