Goose81 said:

Hes not buying it, I doubt the bride cares about how the car was maintained. I agree with him on the age of the car tbh, would want a newer car for a wedding.

OP, maybe contact bmw Ireland or another garage?
They might let you test drive one for the day and you could use it for the wedding and say nothing. I would say you will have to pony up some deposit though.

I was telling him that there would be no worries about it breaking down and it will be exceptionally clean on the inside, and not showing signs of age.
the post didn't confuse me, i was pointing out you can get class and still be an 05 Maserati.
Sorry OP if it came across condescending i apologies.
Was not meant that way.

Its tough to find good cars out there for rent.

Caseychauffeur Registered User

BMW Ireland will not give you a car as the vehicle wouldn't be insured for hire services ie SPSV licenced or insured. I can assure the OP that even though my 7 series isnt brand new,the service I provide,the price I charge and the condition of my car cannot be beaten and I would love to help out for his sisters big day...

Voodoomelon Registered User

4 Seasons in Dublin has a fleet of F01 7s, maybe something could be arranged there.

cozzie55 Registered User

My local BMW garage offered me a 7 series in July for my sisters wedding but I would have to source my own driver, they said there would be no bother if i'm stuck for a car as I was having trouble sourcing one at the time. So i'd say go ask them and see what they say. What can you loose by doing it.

Does it have to be a 7 series? I know there is a company up near the airport in dublin that have a load of chauffeur driven cars, I know the have a new enough S class and I think an A8 aswel.

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