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For anyone interested in this topic, first of all, I'll say, this is not my thing at all, but rather a story of a town in South Africa called Bloemfontein. I was there 15 years ago, and we arrived at night, the first thing I noticed was the hill, it's huge and towers over the town, with a big blazing cross in white lights on it, that can be seen for miles around. I stayed with a family there, and they told me about the satanism in the town, the hill is called Naval hill, and the satanists would go there every night to do their thing. They told me stories of screaming coming from the hill, like wild animals, but was believed to be people (well, who knows its a huge hill), also that every night, every bulb in the cross was smashed and every morning, people from the town would go up and replace the bulbs, I saw this for myself alright, the cross was bashed every night. The worst story I heard was that a candle was found there that was made of human fat, and that adults and children have often gone missing, believed to have been used by satanists and/ or "witch doctors" for sacrificial and medicinal purposes. The people there lived in a lot of fear for their kids, they'd not let them out of their sight. Now, I will say, that I experienced nothing of this (apart from seeing the cross vandalised), whilst I was there, I did not sleep very much if at all, and the family I stayed with were just normal run of the mill people who told the stories pretty matter of fact. I tell you, I was glad to see the back of the place, whatever about ghosts/ spirits, I'd take my chances, but not with these people.
Anyways, it was just that other people seemed to be interested, so thought I'd post.

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Thanks for sharing, I have a question for you, and this is just to get your opinion on it, not attacking you or anything, if the cross was being vandalised every single night, would it not have been easy for the police to put a stop to it by simply putting men up there on any given night and arresting those responsible?

Also, have you got any specific stories to tell us? Im interested in the stories relating to flesh and blood people rather then ghosts etc


I believe you about that place also I should say, as the place has come up before in relation to Satanism, especially Naval Hill.

There is actually a website for people to meet up regarding Satanism in the place i think

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I guess so Kryogen, but then imagine being sent up to police it, I know I'd not in a million years try to confront those people. I think the bulbs were replaced by the christian people of the town every day, it was almost like a battle of good versus evil with keeping the cross illumuinated.

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The following YouTube video is actually an evp recording of a local ghost in Bloemfontein called Eddie Greene. As the story goes, Eddie murdered his girlfriend on top of Naval Hill when he caught her cheating. This evp, recorded by Bloemfontein's own paranormal investigators, picked up Eddie's voice as well as a replay of the murder in the background.

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There's often a load of mystery and folklore about what "satanists" get up to. Mate of mine used to always talk about "satan worshippers" in the Hellfire Club, and all the rituals and crazy sh*t they'd do. Wouldn't surprise me if a few gimps went up there to howl at the moon, but I'd take alot of these stories with a pinch of salt unless they're substantiated.

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How do they know Satanists are involved?


Generally these morons aren't real satanists.More in line with watching too much horror flicks and doing anti-christian stuff that they think satanists get up to.
Saw a doc about it a while back which followed the South African special occult police squad, who investigated occult related murders. Mainly new agers making up their own form of satanism based on horror novels and some voodoo. Alot of the stuff recovered from crime scenes were the likes of Iron Maiden posters and crystals, so that'll show ya the type of idiot they were dealing with(not that Iron Maiden are bad, just that these morons think that they can use metal as a form of communicating with the devil).
Seems to have mainly sprung up after the end of apartheid in poor white communities, with people struggling with identity issues and the like.Similar to voodoo it gives alot of these people some form of belief that they have control over their crappy lives.

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Could be that the locals who are not a big fan of the religion of the invaders ( christianity ) are the ones smashing the lights on the cross every night?
I know that if my country had been invaded, my native culture suppressed and my people enslaved and oppressed, I would not be a fan of a huge symbol of my oppressors religion overlooking the surrounding area.

Also, the term satanist is probably very misused here, satanism is a christian thing.

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Meatwad said:

Seems to have mainly sprung up after the end of apartheid in poor white communities, with people struggling with identity issues and the like.Similar to voodoo it gives alot of these people some form of belief that they have control over their crappy lives.

And there is a chance too, that none of the "satanism" stuff in South African exists or ever existed. And is just a fairy story made up by nutty South African Christians. Who I wouldn't really regard as the ultimate force of good in the world - Apartheid was very corrupting.

In Iran, teenagers having parties are being arrested for "satanism".

Kids in Iraq are being killed for their "satanic" emo hairstyles.

Satanism in metal has always been meant as a joke. It's to wind up the bible bashers. And those bible bashers can be pretty evil people. They dream up all the Satanism nonsense to demonise people.

And the kids who are actually getting involved in Satanism in SA. Are these the deranged kids of bible bashers. Were they lured to the dark side by hysteria created by Christians.

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There is a website set up to help people interested in Satanism meet up with each other, that is not from Bible bashers or whoever

The SA media have been peddling the Satanism angle too, due to some grisly discoveries regarding murder victims etc

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wow,all of you have shattered my confidence with your words and knowledge..#inspired

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