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I am writing in reference to book cover design and pricing. My own book, an independent local history publication, is in its advanced stages. Having already been in contact with an on demand publisher all I need to take care of now are little things such as aesthetics.

I contacted a graphic designers recently and I detailed how I imagined the cover. I was informed that the job would take the best part of a day and cost in excess of €400. I find this a bit ridiculous as I was personally supplying the props needed. Seeing as I was only planning on having 100 copies of the book printed, to coincide with a historic event. I find paying such a sum ridiculous, as I could have another 200 copies of the book printed with that money.

So I am asking, is €400 a reasonable price? Would my best option be to just try to design something my self, seeing as I have the props, or can anyone recommend another designer, as Goggle searching does not turn up much.

Many thanks in advance.

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I have never designed a full book cover myself but from other design projects I've taken on I'd imagine a full day is about right.

If you are supplying actual props, the designer will still have to have these photographed. If these images are going to be a central focal point of the cover these may have to be shot by a professional photographer who can look after the background, lighting etc. Alternatively a stock image may have to be bought and the images of the props composited onto it (which can be time consuming.)These are all costs that are probably included in the design quote.

That being said, 400 euro is steep and there are definitely ways of saving money: There could be a single stock image out there that is already perfect for the cover as is or you could scale back the idea and go for something clean and simple. Google 'book cover design' and you'll find hundred of great examples that you could emulate.

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I know someone who does excellent book covers for a fraction of that. PM me for details.

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Who is the printer? Some will add on cover design for a fraction of the cost of engaging a graphic designer for the cover alone.

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Antilles Registered User

You could ask somebody to do the design work on fiverr. Some of the stuff you can get there is surprisngly good considering the cost.

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Many thanks for the advice everyone. Antilles, that is quite and interesting idea and I will certainly look into it. Since writing this post I have gotten a few emails which seem quite promising. And Eileen, thank you, I will mail you promptly.

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