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Just stumbled across this start up brand on twitter the other day. I really liked the clean designs, especially for the Chrono's. All the watches are going to be produced in limited production runs (I guess that's easy to say when you're starting up and have no customer base yet). Unfortunately he hasn't been able to get a mechanical movement for the initial watch, that would fit with cost/design, so he's using a Swiss quartz movt (Ronda Big Date).

First watch is £550

The lume looks cool

I think it's great to see a new watch company starting with such a clean and fresh design, rather than a homage.

There's a handwind coming next (a bit pricier) and I think Gordon (Fraser I presume) is also looking for funding if anyone has a a large wad of cash burning a hole in their pocket. He's also keen for input into his designs for the coming watches (I emailed him to check he was happy for me to use his images ) if anyone has any thoughts.

One Mechanical:

One Cog:

One Summit:

Anyways thought I'd share, won't be splashing out this year, and still need to get a Stowa flieger and a Steinhart diver first, but I reckon one of these would be a different watch to have, hopefully there'll be a mechanical chrono by the time I have the funds

Link to website

Thread on WUS

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interesting design, thanks for posting

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Buy one of the first runs and then in 15-20 years sell it and buy a boat

Looks nice btw

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Thanks for the information and links. Very interesting.

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