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Me and my friend want to do something big after we finish our leaving cert. we couldn't afford to go on a big holiday or anything so we said we try save up ourselves to go to EP. The only problem is my friend wont be turning 18 till November. we know it says on the site over 18 event only but I've heard people say they rarely check ID. what do you think the chances of my friend getting in are?

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Zero I hope.

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gene the cow Registered User

oh its ok we found out where able to get in we know the security guard hope to see you there as you seem really grown up and hipster because you commented on my Question with the obvious opposite response I wanted! cheers mate nice to know that there'll be cool people like you who are slightly older then me and my friend who have decided to dislike us for no apparent reason!

XOXO that streotype teenager you fear whos going to vomit on your shoes set fire to your tent and piss in your drink

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Now now, let's be nice to each other. Thread seems to be finished anyway so I'll close 'er up.

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