There is a massive bright star in the sky tonight, kind of low too, its not moving or anything and Im out in the country in Kerry. Read somewhere that Saturn is visible this weekend, would this be it


ok its not saturn as it just shot off , very strange, far too quick to be a plane and was in the one place the whole time

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Yeah my young lad came running down to tell us and ask us what it was. It did seem very big and had a bright thin line at the end of it. Yep I can verify that it is gone now! This is his second time to have seen this, first was about a month ago, in the same place too. I'm in Dublin btw. Anyone know what it is or did anyone else see it??

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It is low in the sky in westerly direction.

Mars and Saturn are also there but they are higher up.

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This reappeared again and then kind of faded away maybe behind a cloud I can only assume.

There is also two tiny lights travelling in sync , too close to each to be planes and far too high also no flashing lights like the planes usually have. Very strange night out there.

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Thanks, must definitely be Venus just read this

The planet Venus is now at its peak of visibility in the evening sky this weekend, making now a prime time to spot the bright planet.

This weekend, Venus should appear in the western sky at sunset, weather permitting, and should be visible as a dazzling skywatching target nearly all night long. The planet can easily be spotted by the unaided, though small telescopes or binoculars can reveal its disc and, at times, phases.

The Venus sky map associated with this guide shows where to look in the western sky to see bright planet this weekend. The planet Jupiter can also be seen below Venus in early evening, with bright red Mars shining high up in the eastern sky.

Venus's weekend display follows months of eye-popping views of the planet since Aug. 16, when it officially became an "evening star" on Aug. 16. At that time, Venus appeared from our Earthly vantage point to be situated on the far side of its orbit, and was invisible due to its proximity to the sun in our sky. It took the rest of the northern summer and on into the first part of autumn before Venus finally began to make itself evident, low in the western sky soon after sunset.


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Its deadly looking, always worth a look!

I was out at 2am walking the track in Mondello (down here for the weekend) with a pair of binoculars, some nice stuff to see including Mars and Saturn

Pitch black skies, makes a change from back home.

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I noticed it last night too. Its was spectacularly bright!!

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If your curious download this small program, its very handy and free.


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At sunset Venus I believe is in the west right now, in the east you can see Mars (it's a little more red than other objects).

xTanyax Registered User

I can see it again just now!!

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Has anyone tried to see Venus in the middle of the day yet?
Went outside today and using a phone app to locate it i managed to spot it.
First time seeing a planet with the sun high up.


lolie said:
Has anyone tried to see Venus in the middle of the day yet?
Went outside today and using a phone app to locate it i managed to spot it.
First time seeing a planet with the sun high up.

Nice one, seen it a few times myself. It's surprisingly bright isn't it.

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