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20% of all flights on wizzair.com today, if You booking for 2+ people join Xclusive club for 39.99 EUR (one year fee) and save additional (up to ) 10 EUR per one-way flight (which will be just enough to pay for joining club - may be useful in future)


3 hours flight cheaper than 3 hours of parking

pro tip - only add (and pay for) checked baggage a week before flight, when You are sure You will fly

pro tip 2 - pay via bank transfer to reduce booking fee from €8 to €4 (per person, per flight)

just booked some flights in October, worked out ~€17 per person per flight, with ALL FEES etc.

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Hate to be a spoilsport but just a word of warning that Wizzair are reckoned to be one of likeliest to go under next with the price of oil. They have never made a profit and must be making massive losses at $120/barrel oil.

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back again, this time for club members only

20% OFF
Only for WIZZ Xclusive Club Members!
All flights, all destinations!
Only if you book on 4 May!

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Cork only, and to Poland only.

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Africa said:
Cork only, and to Poland only.

Incorrect - there are plenty of people outside Ireland reading boards.ie so this sale is a bargain for them too.

And it's a century since Vilnius could even be claimed to be part of Poland. Off to a geography lesson with you.

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