darkman2 said:
He will end up as a sub at Darlington in the end which is better than most.

You haven't a notion where he'll end up, nothing is written in stone, begrudgery at it's finest.

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jive Registered User

Why are people talking about where a 9 year old ends up?? lmao. He's phucking 9. He will go out there largely oblivious to his surroundings and any pressures to play football, learn a new language and continue is education. It doesn't matter where he ends up. The fact of the matter is is that it's an amazing OPPORTUNITY. That's all it is, nothing more, nothing less. Nobody is touting him as the next ronaldo, the next messi, the next whoever. They can offer him a level of coaching that cannot be matched in Ireland. He enjoys football (otherwise he wouldn't be playing it, or be this good) and can further develop as a footballer there.

It's not disgusting, it's not child labour, it's not any of those things. It's a kid with an opportunity to get the best chances to develop as a footballer regardless of whether or not he wants to pursue it as a career in the future.

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parc Registered User

CSF is just pissed off because he's a mayo gah trainer and is loosing this kid to a foreign game

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plasmaguy Registered User

Let me see...potentially a successful footballer in Spain either with Madrid or elsewhere earning millions of bucks.

Or a life at home in Ballyhaunins where unemployment is high and barring that eventually maybe emigration to england to work on the buidlings or something like that?

Easy choice imo.

His parents deserve a slap on the back for being far sighted.

Yes maybe it won't work out, but spending a year or two in Madrid, nothing wrong with it to be honest.

It's just the way they do things in Spain, get them young and train them up the right way. Certainly worked for Barcalona. Most of their players started with youth teams aged 9 or 10.

This kid obviously has talent and its always a shame to let talent go unfullfilled.


parc said:
I'd actually be more concerned for the parents - are their skills transferable to the Spanish economy?

I doubt that will be an issue while their 9 year old remains the family breadwinner. No pressure like.

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pickarooney Moderator

How did this kid get discovered exactly?


He's nine. Its not like he was 7. High time he was out earning a living. Since we stopped using coal fires chimney sweeping work has dried up for his age group. If they are not going to let us run sweatshops how are these kids going to find work?

elefant Registered User

Something does seem a little bit wrong about it, but I can't help thinking if I'd (through some monumental mix-up) been offered a trial with Real Madrid when I was nine and my parents wouldn't allow me to go I'd always be thinking 'what if' for the rest of my life.

Best case, he makes it big.
Worst case, he learns Spanish, has some fun and comes home.

Richard Hillman Registered User

So when little Johnny decides when he is 12 that he likes rugby better and quits, does this mean his family lose their set up jobs? Its emotion child labour, its vile.

You see it in womens tennis. The kids are turfed over to Florida to train pretty much full time. Loads of them retire in their mid twenties and disown their parents.

btw this story doesn't sound like it had any foundation but this type of stuff does happen unfortunately

event Registered User

adamski8 said:
Damn straight. I saw some under 9's russian team play one time and they didn't seem like they were having fun! Manager shouting very aggresivily at them if they lost the ball and no smiles. Very sad I think

so do you not think under 9's should be playing football at all?

cos i have seen that happen in the park up the road, managers shouting at kids. it happens everywhere.

its typical irish begrudgery, i really cannot believe people are saying this is a bad thing.

none of us have a clue what the madrids kids coaching is like, so there is no point talking about it like its a bad thing

Caveman1 Registered User

The people begrudging the family for giving their child such an opportunity are just spiteful, the family are 100% right in what they are doing.

He's still going to receive an education, he's being coached at the very highest level, he's getting to experience a different culture and I'm sure the club will find jobs for the parents.

Worst case scenario, he doesn't make it at Real Madrid, he's obviously showing enough already that ensures he could make a career in football, even in lower leagues, that's without all the world class training he's going to receive. Or if he decides football isn't his thing he can just move on, as another poster already stated there's no contract so himself and his family are free to do as they please

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Richard Hillman Registered User

Am I the only one that stops reading a post when the word begrudge pops up. Such lazy debating.

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The generous sprinkly of the mongo word 'begrudgery'in the thread made me think I was in after hours for a minute.

RandolphEsq Banned

Richard Hillman said:
Am I the only one that stops reading a post when the word begrudge pops up. Such lazy debating.

padser Registered User

I think people are REALLY missing the point here.

If this guy has been picked up by Real Madrid then Trap should be looking to get him onto the pitch for 30 seconds at the end of a game. Otherwise we will end up in 10 years time watching him tog out for Spain.

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