kevohmsford Registered User

oh dear god what a miss from Carroll. Pathetic

monkey9 Registered User

Excuse me, what the f*ck just happened there??

Scapegoat time after all!!!

magma69 Registered User

Words fail me.

murpho999 Registered User

That ESPN commentator is very annoying!

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Guy:Incognito Registered User

Thats the typ of ball that Carroll needs to get more than once a month. Get balls in to him and he'll score.

redzerdrog Registered User

Andy is gona bang one in and make up for that. have faith!!!

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J. Marston Registered User

Is it extra-time or a replay in the case of a draw?


Get those dogs back in here

monkey9 Registered User

Well , he missed a sitter early in the second half on tuesday!! Hopefully, he does again what he did in injury time!

Turtyturd Registered User

FFS Spearing.


Raskolnikov said:
Feel sorry for Carroll, he will probably be made the scapegoat for this performance, even though he is actually doing ok.

What was that ?

MickySticks Banned


doc_17 Registered User

Better play from Liverpool anyway.


Suarez cannot believe that pass

Guy:Incognito Registered User

Good man Luis. Managed to turn a promising quick break in to a nice slow attack.

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