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I was just wondering are there specific buying agents for the Irish site or is the Irish side of komplett just a drop point from Europe? I ask this of course for a reason, I was wondering if we would be able have input into what items would be available to us? And I don’t mean asking about a product then getting a maybe, but never hearing about it again.

I am bring this up in particular to do with water cooling options, right now (to the best of my knowledge at least) there isn’t any water cooling distributors here in Ireland and ordering from England can cost quite a bit in delivery charges. I know products like the H100 and those types of "water cooling" options are there but I wouldn’t really consider them water cooling personally. I do realise this is all subject to demand, but It would be reasonable to assume that of all the population of Ireland, Belgium and Holland, people are willing and able to buy and build water cooling systems.

I hope this doesn’t seem like I’m criticising destructively but... I was wondering why on earth you bought ThermalTake stock when it’s just more of the same type of stock you had before. I know I am complaining about lack of options above but, its more i don’t see the point of stocking so many processor cooling items when you already have the noctua D-14, coolermaster V8, Zalaman extreme, Coolermaster h80 and h100 to name but a few. Also a lot of the ThermalTake range while good, is more than a bit aged, like the new g10s which was released in 2009, even if they have been upgraded to with USB 3.0. I honestly can’t understand why the likes of BitFenix, Xigmatech or NZXT don’t feture in your stock when In Win and TermalTake do.

The products I would like to see are things like Mushkin redline ram and BitFenix Braided cables (although these may be a little specialised to be fair), items that have been shown to give class leading results at a decent price. I apologise again if it seems if I am attacking TermalTake products because I’m not, I haven’t had the chance to have a good look at many because i have generally been told to steer clear of them. What I’m questioning is the choice to buy them when money may have been better placed elsewhere.

Apologise for how long this post is, I didn’t realise how much I had to say at the outset. Also if the Irish branch does have no control of what products are bought it would be nice if this could be passed along. Although im not sure if it would be payed to much attention. Also, I’m not sure if this all has been said before, but I’m not huge on forums or willing to go trawling through threads to find it.



Hi Bullettooth,

In regards to water cooling, its not something we are huge on as it is quite niche and can carry significant RMA risks with leaky equipment.

As regards your other suggetion we will of course pass them on, simply put these matters are not entirely within our control.

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Ah I see, so u do just get sent equipment then, well I did expect that tbh. But I’d like to point out that water-cooling parts don’t carry a more inherit leakage risk then the likes of the h100 and other imitation water-cooling items, if installed correctly. I guess all I can hope for is that someone will eventually identify it as a mostly untapped market over here.

Anyway thank you for the reply all the same.

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