Not sure if this is the right place to ask but figured other pet owners might have the answer.

I've recently started doing work on the garden and we're in serious need of weed killer!
However we have 2 cats (plus there are a lot of cats in the area) so need pet safe weed killer. Does anyone know of a brand that is safe to use with pets?
I've looked at 3 or 4 types and they all say keep away from children and pets.
Any recommendations ?


toadfly Registered User

Round up or weedol are both fine around pets as long as you give them time to dry before you let the cats out. couple hours should do it.

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TooManyDogs Registered User

There's an Irish weedkiller called OWK, Organic Weed Killer, its safe for pets too. I have ethical issues with Monsanto who make Round Up so went looking for alternatives. Woodies were selling it last year

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