MarthaMyDear Registered User

If your going to work for example. How much time do you need to give yourself? What's your routine? Do you have breakfast then get ready? Do you lay your clothes out the night before?

When I have work early I'm always in such a tizzy. I never give myself enough time to do my hair nicely and put on some make up so I always end up rushing. Then I get to work and there is loads of women floating around looking perfect

How long does your make up etc take in the morning?

Lia_lia Registered User

If I have college at 9am I get up at about 8.20am. Have a shower, get dressed, dry my hair, put on make-up (if I can be bothered), have some porridge and out the door at 8.50am..

Michellenman Registered User

About 45 minutes including shower, dry hair, curl hair, do make up, get dressed. I'm not a big breakfast-y person so I'll just have something to eat at around 11 in work/college. I am most definitely not a morning person so I have the routine down to the minute to maximise my sleep

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Tigger99 Registered User

45 mins. 15 mins teeth, wash & shower, hair washed night before but might take 10 mins to style, 10 mins makeup and 10 mins to decide on an outfit cos I dont like the one i picked out the night before

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Dolbert Closed Account

Half an hour, max. My hair is pretty much wash & go and make-up is a 5 minute job. The rest of the time is spent trying to find something edible for breakfast and faffing around

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QuiteInterestin Registered User

Usually start getting ready about half an hour before I need to leave the house, get dressed, have porridge for breakfast, make my lunch and do the bare minimum of preparation before I head out the door.

No matter how early I get up, I always seem to be rushing and never get a chance to do anymore then the bare minimum (wash face and teeth, brush and tie back hair). I'm always a bit jealous of those that put the time and the energy into looking good in the mornings though not jealous enough to actually get up a bit earlier. Don't know what I do be up to in the mornings at all, I don't know how the rest of ye manage to get so much done in half an hour in the morning.

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My alarm goes at 9:30. I am sitting at my desk in work at 9:55.

I am a man though.

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Half an hour to 45 minutes depending on whether a shower is involved.

Lia_lia Registered User

If I don't have a shower it takes me about 10 mins. Less even!

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MissFlitworth Registered User

10-15 minutes on a work morning, I can't wake up early, cannot trick myself out of bed till the very last minute. Shower & hair sorted the night before (takes way too long to dry before work), out of bed, clothes on, panickily try to find keys, arrive blinking at luas stop, furtively check myself for pyjama bottoms still on etc. I suck at mornings

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Novella Registered User

It takes me about 40 minutes and that includes taking a shower and washing and drying my hair which is quite long, and putting on make up.

To be honest, I generally don't eat breakfast until I'm in the car or at college. I choose extra sleep over eating at home. That's probably stupid but that's how it is.

As for laying clothes out the night before, no. I just grab something from my wardrobe in the morning.

I am generally always in a rush in the mornings though but that's because I cut into my getting ready time by pressing snooze repeatedly.

I can get ready faster, in about 20 minutes, if I don't dry my hair and don't wear make up or just apply make up minimally.

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saa Registered User


5 - converse with self until one convinces oneself to rise.
5 - stumble around in the morning cold looking for clothes that smell clean and unravel
10 - make coffee, put some on dodgy smelling flask, grab lunch, eat cereal, leave bowl steeping in sink.
5 - stumble about some more - check all items needed are in bag along with bus ticket, look at window to see if umbrella or gloves will be in order today and choose footwear accordingly.
5 - Well time seems to warp here and disappear and five minutes seem to vanish between the time I decide I'm ready and when I am locking the door so a run down the hill for the bus is in order.

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Ava-Adore Registered User

I hate rushing.

So I give it an hour, just to give myself the time.

Usually decide what i'm wearing the night before, or else I could be there for hours.

Shower, dry hair, straighten hair.. do make up.
I wash my hair every day. I hate day old hair.

I used to take a good ten minutes for a fag and a cup of coffee.
But I've quit yay

Always eat breakfast - just cereal.

Out the door.. usually still late for my lectures.

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OakeyDokey Registered User

It varies from 10mins to an hour.

10mins routine would be - get up, brush teeth, wash face, brush and tie up hair, get dressed and no breakfast.

1 hour routine would be - get up, shower and wash hair, brush teeth, blow dry hair and style, apply makeup, get dressed, make tea and have some toast


I can get ready in ten minutes but I can't go anywhere without my morning smoke and cup of tea, which can take as long as it needs. ages in fact.

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