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does anyone know the name of the student accomadation for mature students, medical students etc. across from the college.
i think its binbagan or something like that??

fordey101 Registered User

Would it be something like Benbulben? As in the mountain? I'm in IT Sligo myself, I've no idea what accommodation you mean though?

Carson10 Registered User

Hi there. Iam local and went to IT sligo so i know all the area very well. heres some suggestions:

This would be the more reserved quiet student village. kept very well and a lot of the foreign students stay here.

The clarion hotel is also right beside the college which is a real quiet leafy area. They rent these holiday apartments out during the college year so might be perfect for a mature student if you wanted to stay alone or away from the partys.;label=hotel-231400-ie-pG7feqUymDTtaOF7nEhpCAS3507673830:pl:ta:p1:p2:ac:ap1t1:neg;ws=&gclid=CPu24pzs87ACFSsntAodkCbacg

These are right next door to the college. about a 1 min walk. More geared towards first years, but id say you could get a good deal by urself.


Yeats village is still plenty loud and all the areas right next to the IT which are advertised specifically as student accomodation are really not where you want to stay if you are a mature student who wants a bit of peace, the only advantage is the proximity to the college. They are a lot more expensive than a room for rent in other areas in town and are generally loud, with drunk lads shouting/singing, etc. at all hours. They are patrolled by security but that is really only a nuisance it doesn't hinder the parties much.

Also, you will be a good hike away from any supermarkets such as Aldi/Tesco so you will spend more on food. You will only be close to student pubs (which sell crap drink and are full of young ones who can't handle drink). You will save money and a long walk with your groceries renting somewhere in town and walking to college is about 15 min from town. And you can still have the craic if you want, there's plenty of places to go that are fun but not full of eejits. If you're in the student areas, it's either join the party or be miserable. The students at IT Sligo are pretty wild. I lived in yeats heights, now live in town and am much happier. Just stay away from the Mall if you are renting in town, as it has the Leitrim Bar which is mental and Shenanigans around the corner. Other places near town are okay, too, such as Cartron, which is on the bus route to the IT. Stay away from Rathbraughan it's dodgy, no shops, poorly lit. If you really want to be near the IT, try Yeats Heights (up the hill from Yeats Village). It's a bit quieter, more residential, not as expensive.

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