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I dont know what happened but outlook express is gone from my PC is there anyway to recover my emails and outlook express back to my computer. any help appreciated.

cookie1977 Registered User

What os are you using?

Windows Live Mail replaced outlook express

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cookie1977 said:
What os are you using?

Windows Live Mail replaced outlook express

I have windows live mail on my new laptop but outlook express on an old one where I had a lot of emails held there, looking for a way to recover the mail on the old laptop or could I do it on windows live mail on the new one ???

Storm 10 Registered User

Think that will only work if I have the emails in outlook express, everything seems to have disappeared from the old lap top, if I try to send an email from it nothing happens.

Dulchie Registered User

Can I assume that your old laptop is an XP Machine.
If so can you use search to find msimn.exe
If you find msimn.exe double click and run it.

If you can successfully run Outlook Express try the following
go to Tools/Options/General down near the bottom there should be an Option to make OE your Default Mail Handler.
If you succed please post results

janeparker Registered User

Check the Outlook Express on all places like in Start menu → All programs → Outlook Express and also in Control Panel → Add or Remove Programs. If it is not found here then go to C:\Program Files\Outlook Express and double click on msimn.exe. This will open Outlook Express.


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Thanks Jane and Dulchie I got some it back anyway hopefully I can get it all.

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